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  • whippersnapper65 whippersnapper65 Oct 5, 2013 12:47 AM Flag

    Volume tells the story for CLDX

    Do you not see what is going on? CLDX has not had a trading day with fewer than 2,000,000 shares traded for nearly three weeks. Prior to that, CLDX almost never had a trading day with that much volume. The higher volume is coinciding with a nice runup and some understandable consolidation. Make no mistake: there is tremendous buying interest in CLDX, and the share price will proceed higher up to and especially after the data releases in November. The major institutions and smart retail investors all know what the catalysts are and when they will occur, and they will want to be long the stock prior to those price-driving events.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • so what is volume telling you now ??
      btw, I called Cantor Fitzgerald, Oppenheimer's analysts who recommended to buy CLDX and I get a response as " the number you called is not in service, please check your numbers and call again, good bye".
      you sound like you know these analysts every well, do you know where they are now ? because I want to talk to them.

    • don't want to rain on your parade, but numbers don't add up. only 80 mil shares floated, and 80% owned by institution (64 mils), 10Mil shrs shorted. Technically only 4 Mil shrs are available for individuals to trade. Last Friday 4 mil shares changed hand, that is unrealistic for 100% of shares owned by individual traded on the regular bases. Another possibility is that the same small number of shares were traded over and over by day traders or HFT, therefore high volume might not be the right metric to judge the demand, nor interest of the CLDX shares.
      Another thing, some analysts upgrading the stock, I was wondering who are these analysts ? what are their credentials ? never heard of them before and what is their recommendation records ? how do I know these analysts are not faked, upgrading while institutions are selling their shares to individuals who believe analysts bogus recommendations. GL.

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      • And your short shares will be screwed.

      • apparently axxholes are not good at math, when they can't argue with the real numbers, then they will talk about the wonderlands. Let focus on number of shares available to trade..
        Speaking of names dropping, I have heard Jamie Dimon or Lloyd Blankfein, that does not mean I know these individuals or take their investment advises.. besides GS, JPM, Cantor Fitsgerald and Oppenheimer are a bunch of crooks, their motives are to take money from investors by being on the other side of the bets anyway.

        Why do you want to take investment advises from company that make the headlines:
        1. US Investigators Eye Cantor Fitzgerald Gambling Executive Lee Amaitis.
        2. FINRA Fines Oppenheimer & Co., Inc. $1.4 Million.
        3. JPMorgan Chase kicks 54 military families out of their homes—despite a law against doing so.
        4. Wells Fargo gives bonuses to loan officers to put minority borrowers into high-priced subprime mortgages—internally dubbed “ghetto loans.”
        5. Citigroup, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs all pay huge fines to settle charges they duped their own clients.
        6. Goldman Sachs assists in Europe’s economic collapse by helping Greece mask the truth about its finances.
        7. JPMorgan turns a blind eye to Bernie Madoff’s deceptions.
        8. Bank of America pays $137 million to settle government claims it rigged the municipal-bond market.

      • You must be a transplant from the remote parts of Paupa New Guinea. I can sympathize with your predicament of never hearing of Cantor Fitzgerald, Oppenheimer, et al And further more how do we know that the roundtable by Leerink wasn't in som make shift garage in the foothills of Southern Sudan . Who the F are these analysts? LOLOL

      • You are a moron. Seriously? You've never heard of the analysts? Cantor Fitzgerald? Oppenheimer? Leerink Swann? Wedbush? You've never heard of them?

        Volume is a consistently reliable measure of demand. It is one of the stalwart metrics. Sharply rising volume coinciding with a rising share price signals a stock that is being heavily accumulated. No games, you idiot.

        You throw around jargon like "HFT" and expect to come across as learned and experienced. I can see through you instantaneously and from a mile away.

        Take your ignorance, your feigned worry, and your pathetic attempts to sow doubt elsewhere, you dope.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Like I said before, It's ALL GOOD.
      Good science; drugs, business plan.
      $40.00 IS COMING SOON

      Sentiment: Hold

    • 15% consolidation = $37.83*0.85 = $32.155

      I am only see two things. All other factors are not significant enough to factor into the equation.

      I noticed the volume as well which is not surprising as price appreciation is accelerating. I would guess that institutional buying is increasing and is probably around 85%. There is only 5% retail float remaining.

      1. With only 5% left, any significant buying will drive the price up significantly.
      2. Market is using the government shutdown to drive down the price.

      The real question is ,"how do you expect the institutions to persuade the remaining die hard long term investors to sell?"

      They have timed it well. They know they need to finish before the end of the month.

      They also know they cant drop it too much for fear of fallout. $32.155 or possibly the 20 DMA will be bottoms.

      Buckle your seatbelts, the volatility UP and DOWN will increase more and more as time progresses


    • yes and SHORTS will be fried and NEVER able to COVER..when those SHARES are highly DEMANDED they may not be able to buy back..81% held in Institutions will not be selling since most of the NEW HOLDERS were PAINTING THE TAPE in late SEPTEMBER QUARTER POSITIONS----and 19% in Retail who will be the Math 19%*79M shares float=~16M shares available and 9M are short...9M will need to COVER and needs 16M to SELL!

      Of the 16M I would bet 70% will HOLD and 30% will 9M will maybe have 5M available=SQUEEZE COMING IN NOVEMBER RUN UP! As T goes on and CLDX SP climbs to $40 or more... the 16M will become even more RELUCTANT TO SELL as my Scenario becomes OBVIOUS TO ALL...

      That is why I bought he $32.50 DIP and DD! If more dip next week I will REPEAT and DD again!

      hey Im playing w/ the HOUSE MONEY..I can afford to be RIGHT again!!!


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