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  • mynetworthwentbyebye mynetworthwentbyebye Oct 11, 2013 3:14 PM Flag

    Cramer should die!


    Manipulative little sc*mbag. He endorses CLDX and ACAD less than two weeks ago. Both stocks immediately attract short attacks and in less than two weeks, he bashes the stocks. This needs to be investigated.

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    • Dude, were you complaining when Cramer was plugging CLDX as an absolute buy? I bet the answer to that is "NO!". Now you want him dead because he told his viewers to take profits? He clearly helped CLDX get to $38 which happened way too fast.

      Personally, I don't take cue from Cramer. His has no integrity and is the biggest scam flip flopper on TV. I would rather have him never mention a stock that I am in that say anything at all.

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      • Deutrax, I agree to a point. However, you do NOT apologize, which he did, check the video/transcripts, "Folks we made a mistake the drugs in this pipeline are much better than we initially thought, we are changing this to a continue to buy opp." (paraphrasing a bit, but accurate) and then 14 days later with NO FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE, NADA, no even a slither a whimper of change/news. SELL without making distinctions; without taking one F iota of responsibility for what was he specifically apologized for/about his initial shortsightedness; All upon the fact of the evisceration of biotech when the fall for two days happened. No , no, my friend, Don't think so. He needs to be HELD accountable. Play the videos side by side. He is egregiously irresponsible for lumping this company in with others. He should be put to the grill and if not apologize for being willy-nilly f FIRED. In fact it does make him look like a clown. By time he made his stupidity it already had taken a 35% haircut. And when he apologized that it has much more room to move it was well above the 27.00 mark!!

    • His blase or carte blanche carelessness, recklessness is entirely IRRESPONSIBLE. Now if there had been news on Celldex, that would be one thing or if he did not high five, double and triple high fives with apologies thrown in (14 days prior) that would have been different. Disgusting!!

    • Actually, I don't have problem with this sentiment.

      If you think of the billions, yes billions, that he's been instrumental in swindling from investors as a result of his propaganda and manipulation, it's a just reward.

      At a minimum, he should be doing 30 in a federal pen right now.

      I'm serious.

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      • Regarding Cramer article and his pumping cldx then saying sell, is there anything he said that was illegal, or just unethical? I know his timing was suspicious however I do believe if there is anything ilegal said there are much larger shareholders out there that would have lawyers at Cramers office door so fast!

        Is Jim Cramer bound by the same regulations as an Analyst? What if an Analyst was to do the same change in 2 no sell! Can they do that!

    • chillax, you sound like a cry baby

    • File a complaint with the SEC with facts and links and they'll do their job.

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