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  • microcaplawyer microcaplawyer Oct 15, 2013 2:57 PM Flag

    Cruz & Lee Trying To Bring Down The Country

    .....and are succeeding. They are no better than terrorists.

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    • Cruz and Lee are financial terrorists. Lets see if they will pay the bill of the $24 billion they wasted + 0.5 GDP they put us behind. They only got exposure for Ted Cruz so he can run for republican nominee. Ted Cruz would NEVER win the US popular vote, he is too much of a mindless extremist. He doesn't take responsibility for his actions either. He tried to tank the US economy and there he is smiling as if nothing.

    • When one of your children gets hold of your credit cards AND SPENDS Them TO THE LIMIT, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO. Raise the limits????????? Who started all this??????

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      • well if i had the chance and didnt like the law.. i would have a tantrum and say that we dont need social security.................makes about as much sense as cruz......... wanting to repeal a law........that has nothing to do with his limits..........

      • Clinton had surplus, Bush made it into deficit by lowering taxes without another source of income. Then, Bush started the Iraq war that was unnecessary spending of money and human lives, then he topped it all by tanking the economy. The emergency spending kicked in, and this is what Obama was left with. NOW, the same farts that created the mess are trying to portray themselves as "responsible", while in fact what they are doing is tanking the economy for a second time. All people remember about Newt Gingrich is that he was the hypocrite that divorced his wife while in her death bed, married the mistress, and yeah, shutdown the government with no reason. There you go.

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    • Obama and Reed trying to bring down the country in order to level the standard of living to a lower status equal to third world countries, and succeeding.

    • cy,scr and micro= SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO nothing right in Life!

      You guys are a joke..none of you have legit jobs, if your employers heard your rhetoric they would FIRE you for cause...U call Cruz and Lee TERROrISTS for representing Conservative-Independents too...Majority no less Americans in Congre$$...have U tried to go on the BHOcare website to access the Exchanges?

      Cant be done now at 3 weeks into the program...the current uptake rate will need 50 years to get the NEEDED Tax Base to fund the new 30M people who supposedly BUY coverage---POOR PEOPLE TODAY BUY NOTHING w/ THEIR OWN MONEY--they use OPM, Food Stamp Cards, Fraud in Medicare, Fraud in Medicaid, Fraud in Voting, File NO TAXES, etc!!

      Why would they want Bhocare when they get everything they need now FREE from BHO for their VOTE?


      U wanted to change 1/6 of this Nations GNP over HC when 60% of Legit Voters said NO... do not touch it..and you Fools call us Terrorists? Not 1 vote for Bhocare from the republicans..thats because they were smart and saw thru the smoke and mirrors of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and YOU call us Terrorists...bomb throwers..Nation Destroyers???


      Look in the Mirror my little 3 Blind Mice...u and yours are the REAL have DESTROYED in 5 years all that we have worked a LIFETIME to BUILD..when we are through w/ this thing and WE WILL and yours will NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY does GITMO for LIBTARDS sound..cause thats what we will have after the WAR!

      And Mark my Words there will be WAR over all this SHI ITE you morons have created over the last 60 years...CHICKENS eventually come HOME to ROOST and YOUR COLLECTIVE GOOSE is cooked very well done...when we EAT YOU we want no Bacteria breaking through....and a nice long Nap will ensue!

      That is the will of this Nations real Voters and you elitist PIGS will be slaughtered!

      MO LARRY and Curly also has a nice ring...U stooges!


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    • Yes. They're probably sitting around jerking each other off, and viewing themselves as revolutionaries.

    • I hope they don't do it, but these guys are loose cannons. If they fillabuster a deal and cause the country to default, it would probably doom the Republicans for quite a while. The rest of the world is watching, and if they view the US as economically and politically unstable, they will seek other places to put their money. China and Japan, the biggest holders of our debt, have already expressed their concerns. Just what these guys are trying to prove other than the fact that they can bring the "house down" is beyond me. Oh, well, it is what it is! Good luck!

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