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  • temporal Oct 19, 2013 1:33 PM Flag

    CLDX in a good place and a good price as we approach November reporting

    We've seen how high it can go (and would have went even higher on that run if it weren't for the anxiety jitters created by the gov't shutdown) based on all our high expectations for its long-run magnificent pipeline performance potential. However, even the most die-hard CLDX admirers among us know the risks and uncertainties of the clinical trials process. The anxiety associated with the gov't shutdown was sobering bringing us back to earth (perhaps: "and then some") with regards to these risk factors. So, now what we are seeing is the pps if the November results are not as favorable as we hoped. CLDX worth at least this much -- even in the unlikely event of poor reports -- just based on its existing intellectual property and its science and management team and what those are worth to the biotech world (a lot). So, what we are seeing is the paranoid, worst-possible scenario situation (bought-into and perpetuated by Cramer and the like), even with poor reports. So, the good news is, if it sits here, we don't have to worry about it falling lower even with poor reports (again, unlikely given what we already know about expanding subject pools and so forth) and we can continue to buy at the lower price relatively worry free. Good luck to our fellow longs, CLDX and our patients! The shorts, paranoia-mongrels and bashers, once again, help us out without even being aware of what they are doing!

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    • Yes, I agree especially with your last thought that, "the shorts paranoia-mongrels and bashers once again helped us out without even being aware..." However, you are being somewhat naive to think that IF (and it is HIGHLY doubtful) that up coming Nov. trial results will be at best mediocre that we already are retrospectively, more or less, there, baked in. Been here way too long and know that is not the case. If it was shall we say disappointing, you and I would see a 20+% drop from 25.00 if not down to 18.00. Although would be ludicrous, patently absurd manipulation and overkill!! Ironically, even a grander buying opportunity!

    • When the catalysts are announced on the news wires in November the shorts won't know what hit them.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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