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  • mynetworthwentbyebye mynetworthwentbyebye May 7, 2014 5:26 PM Flag

    With all the institutional ownership- why hasn't Board or CEO been removed?

    The performance and management have been catastrophic.

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    • The next performance milestone [since results is not going to be a problem] is regulatory agency applications and approvals, then sales, distribution, and manufacturing.

      So that they have "results" in hand doesn't mean anything if they don't get regulatory clearances, and regulatory clearances don't mean anything if they can't sell, and if they can sell, they have to be able to meet the demand with production in cGMP facilities. My guess is that they are not in too much of a hurry to get regulatory clearances because they have all those things downstream that they have to line-up, although that is what they should be doing right now.

      Celldex management has done their job very well. They have never ever talked about the stock price, because their strategy has never been to blow the company price and then sell. Their strategy has been to get products to the market, and that is what they seem to be trying to do.

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      • Haven't both Rindo and Glemba been granted fast-track status? With successful trial results, then, shouldn't regulatory clearances be a fait accompli for each of those two drugs?

        If the drugs work, why wouldn't they sell? If Rindo works better than anything else in attaining long-term survival in otherwise terminal GBM patients, I would think that oncologists would be enthusiastically prescribing it for their EGFRvIII GBM patients. If Glemba works in triple-negative, high GBNMB breast cancer patients whereas nothing else does, I would think that their doctors would also enthusiastically prescribe that treatment.

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      • soros, I understand your, and its valid. However, when you are a publicly traded company one has duty to shareholders!

    • ASCO could be huge. AM might come through. Better late than never.

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