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  • raysfrom98 raysfrom98 Aug 7, 2014 1:13 PM Flag

    WH - "All options are on the table in Iraq."

    So what changed? Because that is at odds with all earlier WH statements on Iraq.

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    • ISIS has put Pres O between "IRAQ and a Hard Place".
      If he does nothing Many people WILL be KILLED. If He DOES he looks like he made a BAD decision of not keeping troops.
      He will "do the right thing" (he's a big Spike Lee fan) and BOMB (I should have said waterboard - I mean DRONE) the $hit out of ISIS.
      He doesn't want to "torture" them that would be so "BUSH" league of him.
      Well to the left at least

      Sentiment: Hold

    • What has changed is that there are close to 40,000 Iraqi refugees who will be slaughtered by Isis if they come down from their mountain refuge. To me it makes perfect sense to use air strikes to prevent genocide to Iraqis who are sympathetic to our position and desperate for our help. If President Obama let these people be slaughtered you screwballs would be criticizing him for that I am sure. Considering most of you have expressed your support for Putin, it tells me that your Obama hatred trumps your concerns for America.

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      • Cyoung,

        They (the President) knew at the beginning of the year that ISIS was training and assembling to invade Iraq.

        So to me it makes perfect made sense to use air strikes to have prevented ISIS from invading so they would not have the opportunity to commit genocide on Iraqis who are sympathetic to our position and desperate for our help. Desperate is correct, they have been begging us to use air power agains ISIS for months. But the muslim brotherhood would not approve of such action.

        Heck, it made even more sense to stay in Iraq and work harder to gain a "status of forces agreement", instead of bugging out for pure political grandstanding. What was it Biden and Company were saying when leaving Iraq? "Iraq could be one of our greatest achievements". Boy, if that doesn't sound like "mission accomplished.

        And for the record, pointing out that BHO spent his first term sucking up to Putin, and his second term having his hind parts handed to him by Putin, is not the same as showing support for Putin. Or maybe you don't remember BHO whispering promises he would do even more for Putin, once he (BHO) wins his second term in office. Now what kind of president makes such a promise to a Russian KGB member, who mind is still KGB? Bush was just as stupid with Putin at first.

      • Shows BHO was wrong to withdraw. It's all on him. Whatever he does or doesn't do to fix it, it's his mess. I don't think he'll use military force because he's a coward and doing so will show the world that American withdrawal from Iraq was premature and unwise.

        BHO likes to talk and give speeches and write letters and make phone calls. What he doesn't do is lead.

      • cy, well said my friend!

    • Everyone around the world knows that what BHO says doesn't mean a darn thing.

      What a mistake it was to elect that boob twice, never mind once.

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