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  • alphamojo alphamojo Mar 1, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    DEAR SHORTS: Splunk=Best of Breed in Major Tech Sector of BIG DATA Headed For $75-$100 PPS in 2013

    You have to be the village idiot not to own this stock. You have to realize that guiding down for this quarter sets up the PEFECT OPPORTUNITY to BEAT estimates. You apparently don't understand that the VCs backing this company still are not selling more than a small percentage of their shares and they too, are among the Best of Breed among VCs so their opinion counts BIG TIME. And you also apparently don't understand that they could sell the company at much higher prices to large players such as IBM or Oracle or EMC because they would only represent a small percentage of those company's revenue and earnings now BUT WHAT ABOUT 10 YEARS FROM NOW. Not buying this stock now is like not buying IBM in August of 1982, or Intel's IPO, or Google's IPO, or Oracle 10 years ago. But of course none of you understand long term investments and how they make you rich.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I concur that SPLK is a great company with superior mid/long term stock appreciation prospects. I wrote is a recent posting on this message board, that the stock in the 30-45 near term horizon may be a bit frothy. The VC's have been involved in this company have a very low cost of ownership and will over time sell off their holdings. That is the nature of their business model. I am more concerned about the substantial liquidation by corporate officers... 42 separate sell transactions exceeding 3.1 million shares v.s.0 buy’s at prices ranging from $ 28-$ 35.

    • DEAR SHORTS: Splunk's price movement today (exclusively UP) speaks for itself. Where are all these insider and VC sellers everyone is posting about? I'll tell you, they are busy placing buy orders. Of course, some people just never "get it" - Splunk will be trading in the $40s next week.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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