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  • kathlenebradshaw kathlenebradshaw Jun 5, 2014 1:19 PM Flag

    SPLK - 1/30th slice of MSFT functionality -- what an opportunity!

    If you consider the core intellectual functionality delivered, software engineering analysis of function-points generating revenue and the PEG ratio indicates that SPLK should be at least equal to 1/30th the value of MSFT right now. MSFT is 338B+ mkt cap now, that gives at least 10B+ cap to SPLK or the pps of at least 80.
    This indicates that if it has to be taken out, some one would have to give a nice premium from these levels. My gigantic buy chunk the other day at 40 is well into green now. Not selling until I get the fair price of at least 80!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • You'll kick yourself many times for buying and holding when you could have made 10X more trading, i.e., buy at 40, sell @ 43.; buy @$41, sell @ $43, etc., etc., etc.

    • Let me get this straight, you said to buy when you were actually selling, berating me, and then bought back at 402. You are an even bigger a hole than I ever imagined. What a lying pos.

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      • indexit: Son, you have some anger management and kindergarten-level reading comprehension issues. Plus you don't know a thing about how solid traders manage their risk. I was never selling SPLK. I buy in phases/chunks. One chunk was at 45, much bigger at 40... and on and on. Plus, you sell puts (kid- that is a long position), plus you sell way out of the money calls (kid- that is to gobble up time value). I know these concepts may be going well over your head right now. Hence, grandma suggests that you stick to some mutual funds etc. LoL! Plus who in the world calls their grandma with some v*l*g*r names ... only you indexit, only you! You need help in lot of dimensions in your life to bring you back to the civilization of humans! SPLK-long friends ... please reco the post if you agree with these observations!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I told you to stop posting except to reply to my post of why you said this was going to 75 quickly and then it went down 10 points. You are a clueless dumb a hole.

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