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  • prognosticatorchief prognosticatorchief Apr 25, 2000 10:27 AM Flag

    The tables have turned

    My crystal ball indicates the tables have turned. Tech stocks are going back up. KOREA is ready.

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    • Where are all the analysist's? What happen to
      Lehman Bros & there $130 price forecast? Is there not
      anyone following this company?

      IMHO this is a no
      brainer for the long pull, with there dominance in S>
      Korea and the market, this should explode this year.

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      • Bet on the come and the come didn't

        ISP success is a theory based on future expectations.
        When Asia business tanked, the realistic expectations
        (betting on the come) tanked, but with a lag. Now that
        Asia may be starting back up, it is prudent to believe
        there will be a lag for stock prices of ISPs (both USA
        and outside USA) to go up.

        Part Two: I didn't
        say BACK up. ISPs may never get to where they were.
        At one time there was no limit because there was no
        bench test, no prototype or template standard. Now
        maybe there is.

        IMHO people may have to return
        to the old days, when they put as much into
        investments as they could afford, then they waited years for
        a return greater that available through bank
        savings accounts. 12% profit for the year? 18%?

        UNLESS, the new days of global online amatuer investing
        prevails and everyone rides the ups and downs with the

        I was looking at SUNW. I could have made lots of
        money selling that at $100 and buying it back at $80.
        Today it is hitting $92. But I considered it unwise to
        get into the daytrading race with a great stock - who
        would ever sell CSCO? HWP? Maybe in the future more
        investors will apply daytrader tactics to maximize profits.

        Maybe it is time to buy KOREA now and enjoy the run up.
        Up to where is unclear. I hope it goes above $70.

        The analysts - what a joke. Once they make a
        prediction they seem to let it ride. I agree that some sort
        of re-assessment needs to be made.

        I may have
        reproduced a re-assessment in a post here on the KOREA
        board. If you didn't read such a post, then I will tell
        you the trend was all revisions down. This was from
        an article. But like the weather - anyone can
        predict the weather. Being correct in predicting is
        something else.