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  • takemeserious2004 takemeserious2004 Jan 6, 2014 8:42 AM Flag

    Look at all the OT you striking union workers are missing.

    How's it feel to be on strike ( while making $25.00 and you turn down an 8% raise ) and no one even notices..If you can be replaced with a contractor and you still go on strike you deserve to end up working for minimum wage delivering pizza's.

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    • You have never told me what was going on here you keep saying these guys are on strike so you either have no clue what is actually happening with this or are very stupid there is a major difference between a strike and being locked out!
      Or is this you Tony trying to make yourself look good?

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      • You must be NUTS you state the union wouldn't let them vote REALLY the union voted on the contract on 11-24-2013 and voted not to accept the concessions and you state they wanted to change healthcare for retirees ( there aren't that many) not sure if you know this but when you vote to cut retirees healthcare when you retire you are one of the retirees with less health care plus you forgot to mention that they wanted to change pension terms also.
        You sound like one of the people that hear something and since you heard it that makes it the truth do a little research on your own don't just look to one source for all your info maybe you could find out there is more to a story than just the Altoona news!

      • You guessed it. I'm Tony Alexander and i have nothing better to do than sit here in my office over looking the beautiful Ohio river.& post on a message board. Are you nuts ? I quess i better disclose that i am not Tony Alexander..If you read the local Altoona , Pa news you will see that the company made it's last best offer to the union which included an 8% pay raise. The average pay is about $25.00 an hour not including overtime. They wanted to change the healthcare benefits for the retirees ( there aren't that many ) the union leaders would not allow the union members to vote on the offer so the company moved on. Most union members are democrats so why make a big deal out of health care when they voted for obama and obamacare. The president promised to take care of them.

    • If they got hired by Domino's they'd form a union, demand $27.00 an hour and go on strike if they didn't get it.

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