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  • cliffbanger86 cliffbanger86 Jun 9, 2009 6:26 PM Flag

    Hope you guys read the 8K out this afternoon

    Very interesting. The company has some irons in the fire right now as KPMGPW will only receive 50% of its fee if a transaction is executed by 6/15. Also, The CEO will get 1MM options at an exercise price of $1.78/share if an entity he sources funds NYNY. The actual specifics are in the filing.

    Now back to cartoon hour.

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    • Fat fuuccks gonna die soon anyway. He's like 68 and looks 98.
      Fat pasta stuffing down his throat bastard.

      And passed the Senate already. Governor still backs it.

      Salazars reversal isn't in jeopardy.

      As far as Class 3...........who cares.......I'll take the Ingin casino in the meanwhile, and the e-games prior to that.

    • No dear John Letters?

      They all to Albany.
      Hanlon to Paterson.
      DOI to DEA.

      I cannot wait Marco to hit the fuckkkking bricks from this stock...I SWEAR.

      I've never been involved with such a pile of crap in my friggin life.

      Governors fuucckkin with black socks on, blind replacements, frickin Indians, Town of Thompson .50 cent pieces, Jagutszo, friggin nutjobs, politicians, laws , tax breaks, bonds, lousy FUCKCUCKCUING BUFFET PIZZA, shitazz horses, horsemen, horsecrap, financing, bills, deadlines, THE FRIGGIN NYS CONSTITUTION !!!!!!!!!

      AND THE FUCKKKKING STOCK IS STILL 1.85 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      wholly frigfukingstiit !!!

      I need help man..............150-200k in this friggin wet pig!

      Shouldve had it all in DNDN............I'd write you, but from BALI !

      TO SILVER.

      cc all of them.
      i swear ALBANY is fuccckinggg braindead.

      i cannot wait to get out of this whole scenerio.

      gonna sell 80% on a pop and hold the rest.
      never gonna look at it either.


      by the way ....DNDN ready to launch into the 30's.
      Shareholder meeting tomorrow. Long 8k.
      Duetchbag bank raised BUY 36. yesterday.
      GS conference today.
      I bet 50-60 by years end.
      But why listen to me???
      I have NYNY....azzhole I am.
      Got a 2.90 average on the Dendreon biggy.
      28,000. invested ...made 85-90k.

      160k in NYNY and I got.....a fuucckkinng ice cream headache., and a bunch of tools to argure with.

    • Bitch to charles.
      because it is bullshit, and then to arlene gunther, and klein, and to all the politicos.
      i'm wating for the feds to come and take me because thats what i do.
      write and bitch, write and bitch, write and bitch.
      fucking degliomini never writes back etc.
      gunther does but wih small talk .

      its bullshit.

    • Casino license alone is worth more than that.
      How many available in state as of now?

      Audit? PLEASE.

      The state wanted a half BILLION for Aqueduct...LICENSEING AGREEMENT.
      Believe you me.......
      Their on verge of 600 million Ingin casino, and a partnership in Concord BILLION dollar relationship.
      75 MILLION? AIN'T SQUAT ! Glad they may get it but in the scheme of chips !

      BLACK CHIPS COMING BABY........LOTSA THEM ! And within days or weeks tops!

      Can't wait......gotta sleep right Marcus ! Naps ain't cuttin it !

    • So Cliff...bear with me here. Can we assume that this is pretty good news at this point? What I get out of this is that they are enticing these people to get their butts in gear to pull NYNY out of the rut their in. Am I right?

    • I read it.
      Bernsteins a Stein.
      He should be hung.
      Fucj=king asshole has his own shares that he's protecting.
      Piece of shiit.

      Fuckkking piece of shiit.

      BUT no bankruptcy

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