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  • sleepingdemons sleepingdemons Aug 23, 2011 3:33 PM Flag

    Nice little nibbling going on

    Wait until the volume returns with the NY lawmakers. This baby is on the launching pad. I am loading up over the next week, before September. Before the change in the law. Before this jumps to 4-5.

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    • buy this stock when its the price of a cup
      of coffee at 7-11

    • Gfy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • little like you brain and your penis 36K shares....gtf

      how much mor befor we have to pay a dollar idiot ....

    • As I mentioned this is getting nibbled back up to over $1. Laugh at me, talk B.S. but that is what is happening.

    • 8 days after they have to file, august 24th is today.

      should make for interesting reading....

    • Good find!

      As far as I can remember, this virtual halt in trading of NYNY is completely uncharted territory and I do not know what to make of it. I've never even been in a stock that essentially just stopped trading.

      My guess...and pure speculation...since ther are so many parties involved in this transaction, including state officials....maybe teh hedge funds with non public material info (as they always do with NYNY)...just think its too risky to buy or sell either way. I guess its possible that the small float ha already been turned over to strong hands that are in long term.

      At the same time...if there was a deal likely you would think someone out there that is not connected would have that info and at least buy SOME shares.

      We are at 4,000 shares on the day and it almost 2:00

      I was reluctant to jump back in after i sold because teh low volume drives me nutz. But I never expected this. Let alone after Cuomo's comments the other day.

      Actually almost looks like a corelation between Cuomos comments and the trading volume disappearing.

      At this point, I dont think I could sell even if I wanted to, so jsut wait and see.

      Interestign that last summer the Class III bill passsed the senate and basically wen unnoticed, not even a small pop. So, I dont even know how seriously the market takes Cuomo.

      BUT YES, I agree, why have all these meetings with state officials if tehy weren't serious. Personally, I dont think we will hear anyhtign until around November-December or so. They were late to announce the terms sheet so I expect them to be late announcing any deal.

      I like how they are not asking for any incentives while Cappelli asks for more and more and more incentives continuously.

      Just hope this company decides to be a tad bit more transparent and offers something of substance. Been a while since they offered any typ of substantial statement regarding ANTHING except for the fact that they hate off reservation gaming and refuse to allow shareholders to benefit from the FONSI worth tens of millions of dollars that they can use to enhance shareholder value.

      Oh well is what it is....Genting is protecting Aqueduct and apparently there is nothing that can be done. Hard to accept...but reality I guess.

      Man, I hope this Concord deal is for real...if not this is gonna be like watching paint dry for another 6-12 months.

      holding illiquid shares is not cool. We need something to get the trading going again.

      LOl, at this rate I'd probably have to dump to 0.50 cents if I were to find buyers for all my shares.

      Hedge funds: If you read this, please know that my share are not going to be sold. Tree has been shook and there is no more ripe fruit thats gonna fall from this tree.

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      • bruce,

        i can your last point is what was going on.

        you saw the massive covering at 69 cents last friday, well, massive relative to the last month.

        then someone came in and but a 20k bid in and the MMs immediately went above it, and they kept pushing it up by pennies trying to generate some selling...

        finally, i think some shorts just decided to hedge their bets and cover some today.

        i really believe there are some shorts afraid to cover because they do not want Mo traders jumping in, nor new Longs jumping in either.

        but despite the small cap massacre of august, NYNY held up very very well...

        the veteran longs who trade in and out know this is the first chapter of a new NYNY novel.

        so they are not selling down here...

        then i assume some new longs came in with the FONSI news and/or the Cuomo news.

        for me, the biggest doubt was would there be a way to make money for NYNY short of an Indian casino, and now I think they will find ways to make money while they pursue Class III at the Concord....

        all in all, new paradigm, below a BUCK, summer slaughter...

        After Labor Day we will see some volume come back to this....and retest June highs....most likely blow through them, certainly for a few days/weeks, if not longer.

      • gotta say these bastids are tricky- parked it right on the hourly int trend line, is it a tag or bust through? Might as well bust it through to a buck, keep peeps interested in this turd,,,,, meetings/news coming, an easy pop,,,,

      • BOOM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Sleepy, Sleepy, Sleepy....... How much more money could you possibly have. Every post you say you;re buying more, and loadind up the boat. Are you keeping track of what you are doing ? Are you keeping track of how much money you are spending ?

      Based on your own postings, you have spent enough money to uy this company 3 times over at least. What you say you are doing and what you are probaly really are doing makes you one of the
      biggest bull crap artist on yahoo..BAR NONE.......

      With the kind of money you say you are spendind waiting for this PIG to get to the number you're looking for has already put you in a situation where you spent more morey than you would have spent if you bought GOOGLE all by yourself. If you do the math you are either the richest person in the world or your nose is very big says Pappa Gepetto.

      You are full of S H I T and you should get real. You are telling so many lies I wonder if you can keep track.

      It's not a good idea to lie unless you can back up your stories..
      You need to put your fingers deep into your crotch hole and take a good whiff.....

      That smell you are experiencing is the real thing.... That's the truth. That's exactly what your postings smell like.....

      Get used to it because that smell is what you think we all smell, and the bottom line is that it's only you that can smell that you dumb jerk.

      Stop jerking yourself off and get a paper route if there is an opening for a kid your age.

      Get a life, or tell us something that is even partially believable......

      YOU NEED HELP ! and you just don't have enough money to do what you think you can do. I'm sendinding you a calculator !

      Good luck..... It comes with instructions and plenty of batteries..


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