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  • qujkkertooiwn qujkkertooiwn Jul 29, 2012 11:18 PM Flag

    The Nevele

    Is real estate that depressed in Sullivan County that 500 acres of property at the site of the old Nevele Hotel can be had for $6 million or about $12,000 an acre?

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    • Regrettably the only vibrant business activity in the Catskill area these days are real estate bankruptcy auctions. True unemployment numbers in the Catskills are in the high teens. Sad but true. Is Romney the answer? You want an ex Bain Capital Wall St guy running the show?

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      • Yes, I do. He was able to get the Olympics and the state of MA, out of the red.

        My question to you is, do you want the same bad economy for the next 4 years with Obama? I vote every year, but I have never been a political peron until now. For the first time in my life, I am having trouble paying my bills.

      • Of course I wouldn't want a wonderful family guy, a true American, an experienced bussinessman, an American success in every endeavor he undertook. Of course we wouldn't want him as President.

        I'd rather have a C student, affirmative action President, community organizer, with only bussiness experience was a shady land deal with a convicted felon, & 2 books with made up parts written about himself. As far as his record as President? There is not enough room to describe all his successes. Number ONE at spending of trillions of our children's money. Number ONE in dividing the country. Number ONE liar(no contest). Number ONE in unemployment, food stamps, breaking our laws, the dirtiest candidate ever, one that would sell his own mother to win. I can go on forever. The only reason he's not in jail is because he never got caught with cocaine/drugs......

    • Not surprised by the low numbers. Best business to be in these days in Sullivan County is the auction business; real estate or otherwise. Bankruptcies galore.

    • Well, the old Concord Hotel, comprising some 2000 acres of property was bought for $10.25 million, or $5125 an acre; and The old Grossingers Hotel, comprising some 1200 acres of property was bought for $6 million, or $5000 an acre. It is very sad; property in the Catskills can be had for a song; you can't give it away. I don't see any quick fix.

    • I think the Nevel is in Ulster County. I need to check this out. I think Sullivan County is in greater need!

    • Wow, that is cheap for commercial real estate
      maybe the mayor should buy more

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