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  • ditriuchtr54 ditriuchtr54 Oct 12, 2013 11:48 PM Flag

    Perhapd they conduct a new Sienna poll

    They should do a new Sienna Poll: What is the likelihood casino referendum gets pulled entirely off the Nov ballot? Judge on Friday noted that no matter what he decides it could easily be appealed to the highest court; and knowing the court system runs at a snails pace the lawsuits could prevent the casino referendum from being on the ballot. Where NYS blundered big time on this is they should of done a tv/radio/newspaper campaign just to let voters know the casino referendum was on the ballot without all the bells and whistles and just have a simple yea/nay vote on the November ballot without banging the table about all the wonderful things that will happen if you vote yes. Meanwhile, speaking to many NYS resident friends and colleagues, many of which like to gamble; they are totally clueless that there is a casino referendum on the ballot.

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    • .i have been saying its one of the best kept secrets inthe state Too much luck and uncertainty without doing the language.Even if they had gone the ad route.Imo it was a great quiet move by andy.Now it is getting a bit cloudy

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      • I am not sure where exactly the blame should be pointed to; the bottom line here and the truth of the matter is that the wording on the referendum was done in a haphazard , clumsy, unprofessional, misguided way which left the door wide open for a series of calculated lawsuits. Even if all the blunders are overlooked and all the lawsuits are thrown out you still have a situation where more than 99% of the NY State voting public; especially in the heavily populated downstate areas; will be going to the polls on election day totally clueless that a casino referendum is even on the agenda. What a butcher job they did. Cuomo needs people to be called on the carpet big time for this. What a freaking farce.

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