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  • capp012 capp012 Apr 20, 2003 4:30 AM Flag

    Conference Call

    Anyone listen to Gail's dog and pony
    show? Any hope for this puppy?
    Any signficant break through.
    My sound system is on the fritz.

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    • capp,

      She seemed very enthusiastic about the progress that is being made in all fronts. The burn rate is not changed from previous guidance of $16-18M. The electrofusion enrollment is going much faster than anticipated so some costs have been shifted from future quarter to the present quarter but the overall cost remains the same. For melanoma she is more hopeful for the electrofusion than the chemical technique. Chemical involved growing tumor cells in lab which took too many days while the patient got worse and worse. Electofusion involves taking all the tumor cells you need from the patient's blood which only takes 1 or 2 days. This would allow a timely administration of the compound and hopefully better results. The process will be completed by the end of this year.

      Much additional information will be released in pending conferences and in ASCO when it is rescheduled. Among them is announcement of GZMO's discovery of 6 previously unknown antigens. she seemed to attach lots of significance to this discovery!

      The in vivo melanoma results will be announced in a conference may 31 through June 3.

      The Kirin and Purdue program is on track and going well.

      She indicated that many biotech companies are knocking on the big pharma doors to get collaboration money and therefore there seems to be lots of competition. But she said there has been lots of interests in GZMO's work from big pharmas. She seemed to believe that GZMO will prevail in the long run due to its superior proprietory discoveries, research in the works, and the quality of its present collaborations. She implied it is possible to have at least one additional major collaboration similar to the Kirin and Perdue this year.

      She said she is mindful of dilution and therefore does not want to borrow if she can help it. She believe that the market conditions for stock price will eventually change.

      She reiterated that 4 out of 11 kidney patients are in a stable disease condition.

      There was a lot more important information which one could still listen to from GZMO's site.