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  • billwerner2004 billwerner2004 May 14, 2004 6:29 PM Flag

    First Montauk Securities

    I am a broker who is thinking about going independent does anybody know anything about FIrst Montauk ? How would it compare to going Independent with RJF

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    • And you would be highly mis-informed to listen to Laughter. Someone that knows this company so well he has been claiming a $12 stock price predicition for the last year. He knows nothing but what is written on the surface of news articles. He's a bottom feeder hopping from one company to the next finding his next short. A quick overview of the companies quarterly results will speak for itself.

      Onto the annuities comment. This guy truly is in left field. Raymond James is a full force broker dealer. They employee several trading teams, portfolio managers and thousands of FAs. Although selling annuities is a fact of life, designating the company as "annuity pushers" is quite an ignorant statement.

      Over and above RJ is a strong company that has weathered this financial disaster better than most. While most companies were offing their high salaried/skilled workers, RJ was hiring them. Look for RJ to claim its spot as one of the nations largest most reliable financial firms.

      Also, Laughter also claim's "they are a bunch of monkey's in cheap suits" If you research the board of RJ you'll notice the majority of them are Harvord grads and are highly educated in this industry.

    • Go w/ FJF if you are a simpleton who just sells annuities .

      Use other firms if you plan on creating wealth for yourself and others .

      MEET the people at the top first before wasting another minute ..... they're VERY basic PUMP ANNUITY types . If you ask any other questions , prepare to see a blank look of frustration on their faces .

      In Florida , they used to get in trouble ALL THE TIME for putting old folks in annuities when they had NO clue what they were actually buying . RJ ended up LOWERING the fees they charge as a spin to pretend they werent just going for the highest fee .

      Most brokers I know who work there still just PUMP funds and annuities . Also ... RJ will hire anyone . Attend a national meeting first and prepare to be shocked at the low caliber of monkeys in cheap suits.

    • Stay away from granite financial and this james duffy character! i'm warning you; they are no good!!!!

    • Actually, whoever oakae8 may or may not be, I am an owner of Granite Securities, LLC Member NASD, SIPC, MSRB and I am certain, that upon further review, you will determine that you have mistaken our firm, which does cater to CPAs and Financial Planners, (and has a spotless record) with another firm that currently markets itself as �Granite Associates�. While it is true that �Granite Associates� is known in the industry as a chop house, it is also true that our legal advisors are currently attempting to put an end to this firms practice of marketing themselves under a brand so close to our own. I invite anyone who wishes to explore Granite Securities to contact the District Ten Office of the NASD to confirm the above, and to visit us at We hope, one day soon, that this confusion will end. For any further inquiries, please contact me directly at 1.631.734.0001, ext 21.
      Thank You
      James Duffy

    • besides RJF, check out LPL. Also, I've heard that Wachovia has begun paying front money for independent advisors.

    • DK, but get a bigger list of choices.

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