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  • buyvaluenow1 buyvaluenow1 Feb 20, 2009 4:29 PM Flag

    Look at this chart,%5EIXIC,%5EDJI

    Pretty remarkable long-term chart...and why so many RJ employees have been made rich over the years. Shows what a conservative company that's over 20% owned by insiders can do over the long-term. Certainly, RJ has outperformed nearly all other financials in this to imagine that will continue given all the new advisors that were added according to that last filing.

    One think that's remarkable -- given all the problems with financials out there that the only negative thing anyone can point to with RJ is ARPS!!! That's laughable, given anyone who's had their money in ARPS has turned a profit over the past year. Talk about blessings in disguise.

    Anyhow, nice to be invested in one of the best during these turbulent times.

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    • Uh Charty, RJF was $14.09 in April 1998 and hit $14.50 in 11 years and .08% return. I made 2000% on precious metals in 5.

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      • may want to revisit those charts again...the highest split adjusted close for RJF in '98 was $13.30..and even if you had bought at that price, you would have been paid around $3.00 in dividends since then. If you bought the stock in August of '98, you got it for 7 bucks. Either one of those scenarios (high price or low price) has crushed the general equity markets. Of course, the chart I posted wasn't from 1998, it was from inception.

        Comparison to metals doesn't make much sense - two entirely uncorrelated asset classes. Equities and alternative assets are complementary parts of a portfolio, not competing. RJ performance should be compared to equities/financials in general. Comparing it to metals makes about the same sense as you saying your Mickey Mantle baseball card has appreciated 800% in the past ten years so equities are a stupid investment because people should have owned Mickey Mantle cards instead.

        Of course, if you actually wanted to compare long-term performance (since inception, rather than some arbitrary period) between Gold (or any other precious metal for that matter) and RJF - it's not really much of a contest:^gox;range=my;compare=rjf;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

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