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  • ramzy976 ramzy976 Feb 27, 2009 12:20 AM Flag

    laughter boy

    you've been trashing this stock since mid november when the stock price was around 15. since your initial post proclaiming this to be the most worthless company on the face of the planet, RJF has plummeted to a share price of....

    around 15.

    i really hope you were actively trading your short position, otherwise, cuz theres a million other stocks out there that actually have a reason to fall, unlike RJF, which only falls off with the general market conditions.

    let me guess. when all the hub bub was going on about investment banks, you knew you were late to the party to short likes of GS or MS, so you clicked around and saw RJF still trading relatively strong.

    you thought, hey, this is an investment bank, ITS SURE to fall!! this is the easiest money ive ever made!

    you gotta be the only moron who shorted a stock the past 3 months and still ended up losing money.

    RJF is strong, balance sheet is healthy, and its generating profits. it didnt partake in the BS that sunk the likes of Bear Stearns and Merrill. If you cant understand that at age 47, i dont know what to say.

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    • laughter is short AMZN (up another 4% today) and was short at 48 going into Q4 earnings... 80k shares (or so the claim)

      64.79 close today!

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      • lol, 80,000 shares of AMZN?

        you'd think someone trading millions of dollars worth of stock would have something better to do than posting on these boards and arguing with people. LOL

        well, if its true, i guess id be praying for RJF to hit 0 as well, seeing as how Id be a cupple million in the hole with a horrible short position on one the strongest tech companies of all time.

        hey, IBM is trading pretty high! short 50,000 shares! LOL

      • just a moron who was late to the short party, now trying to short stocks that are trading relatively high, thinking hes gonna make some easy money.

        how do i know this?

        cuz homeboy cant even give one credible reason for why hes short RJF, other than, its crap.

        heres some advice old timer. RJF IS NOT BEAR STEARNS. LOL. just cuz yahoo finance lists it as an investment bank, doesnt mean its bust.

        wait for vix to spike like crazy, then buy RJF and LAZ.

        i got nothing against shorting. im net short as it is, and wont be net long until banks get nationalized and foreclosures settle down.

    • lol, asked for a thesis behind your short position, and you insult my age. pretty mature.

      i bailed on RJF at 15, but once we got some stabilization, this one, along with LAZ, will be leading the pack.

      and thanks for the great insight on your short position! i guess being an unmarried 47 year old would leave me bitter at the world as well.

      heres a better short. GPI. bumped up due to analysts rec. may have missed the high, but still due for a fall. terrible balance sheet, thats what you short.

    • I see you were up drinking again worrying about your RJF long .

      Sorry .

      RJF has paid me well .... its a no brainer short .

      I was forced to cover some shares when RJ pulled a stunt a while back ... not because of cash .... it was due to the shares SUDDENLY not being available to short due to a RUSH Of excessive shorting .

      Thats when I realized RJF was doomed .

      Yes ... w/ that one exception that may have cost me 15 grand tops .... RJF has been a gold mine for shorts and those wise enough to buy puts or sell naked calls .

      SOmething you mutual fund whores dont understand .

      We should see 12 any day now .

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