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  • laughterrules47 laughterrules47 Mar 2, 2009 11:27 AM Flag

    OMG .. almost 12 already !

    Way to go ....... sweet move south .

    Glad to hear you mutual fund retailers are so strong in this economy .

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    • No one covered at 21 .

      Ive been shorting this POS fund retailer since the low twenties .

      I jumped back in when she popped but RJ pulled a fast one and I was FORCED To cover a PORTION of my shorts ... something about TOO many people shorting this pig and a HUGE lack of shares available .

      Shares came available again and we made some EZ $ down to the 15 level where I covered TOO much of it thinking she may pop again .

      She didnt .

      She appears weak ... sad little fund retailer .

      Hope you are learning and not just wasting adults time here .

      BTW ... I was RIGHT ... of course .

      LMAO 12 12 12 12 12 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lol, if youre so confident this turd is going to 4, why did you cover at 21 instead of doubling up?

      translation, you have no baIIs, and faced a margin call on your $5,000 account.

    • One in the morning BUZZ perhaps kiddo ???


      I thought you were a curious kid ... I now see you are just a pumper / employee for the company enjoying making up numbers .

      RJ will be 12 before the week is out ... you sure behave like an employee w/ those anger issues and lying skills .

      Do you sell mutual funds too perhaps ?

      Issue is NOT your number insanity ... its the FACT that RJF has fallen from 21 to almost 12 at light speed .

      Who the hell is holding this and praying that Obama will fix everything ???

      LMAO .... I pity you .

      12 soon as the free fall continues.

    • yeah shes been great to loyal shorts. too bad you werent loyal.

      she was 15 when you initiated your short position back in november, was driven up to 21 due to morons like you caught in a short squeeze who covered their positions for a loss. you short it again at 15 and are still net negative regarding RJF. LOL.

      if you had any conviction in your short, you wouldnt have covered at 21. you woulda doubled up. too bad you got caught in a margin call with your measly $5,000 account and thats why you were forced to cover. LOL. what a shmuck!

    • Good creative writing skills ... no doubt .

      Stick w/ that ... leave the market to us geezers till you build some $$ .

      Cash is King ... cash is King .

      You were the same genius who thought RJF hasnt moved in two months right ???

      Shes fallen from 22 to 12 to 21 due to a BS squeeze and back to 13 on her way to 4 .

      I would say shes been great to loyal shorts .

      Glad you made a few hundred bucks

      Bravo .

      Time to beat my kids .


    • RJF is down only 3%. the other strong investment bank i mentioned? LAZ? down only 2%

      the POS investment banks i said would be a better short? GS and MS? down 5 and 10% respectively.

      smart short sellers know to short the BS stocks, as they will fall hardest in a downward plunge.

      but as long as the market keep tanking, even a monkey can blindly short a random stock and make money.

      not long now, but longs on the board, wait for a dramatic spike in the VIX and load up more shares of RJF and LAZ when that happens.

      • 1 Reply to ramzy976
      • You were LONG RJF ,,,, now you claim to be a sgort too that the market is collapsing ???

        I see .

        I also am short GS ... more than RJF .

        Shorted GS at 89 ... WAS stuck w/ her for a few days then walked away w/ a small gain .

        Shorted again Friday hoping for a Black Monday but looks like we have to wait .

        COvered 1/2 .

        Gains are gains .

        RJF was a tough short since they pulled that stunt forcing cash rich shorts to cover . Thats hasnt happened to me in a LONG LONG time .... FKN crooks .

        Thats what confirmed RJ was having troubles ... the games .

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