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  • dcisinsane dcisinsane Jan 12, 2012 10:11 AM Flag

    Hillbilly Annuity sales force buys same


    One of the biggest firms "OFF WALL STREET" !!!!

    More humor that most will miss of course .

    Kind of like saying CHAZ BONO is one of the best "Male dancers" whos not really a MALE !!!


    Tom must be SO happy to be away relaxing and diversifying his own portfolio away from the madness .

    Still ... got to give them props for building something from nothing after all the lawsuits .

    Maybe there is room for a bigger mutual fund / annuity gang of "advisors" .

    LMAO .

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    • I see the idiots who work there still have ZERO access to the internet without fear of being fired .

      The gal who gave great BJs who wanted my accounts was apparently right .


      I'll never forget when they invited some of us to attend a national meeting to see the "greatness" and all we saw was hillbillies and drunks from home office .

      One gay named Dave or David wasnt even sure of his TITLE since it changed daily and he actually bragged over drinks that his wife gave lessons in ICE SKATING for MONEY .... since RJ didnt pay him enough .

      LMAO LMAO ... you gotta love this sleazy industry and the creeps that dwell .

      I may bang his wife ... since he seemed clueless .

    • They now have more FAs in their sales force to go after people's retirement funds - more ammo -more retirees with targets on their backs . . . retirees beware, you and your life's savings are a marketing target.

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      • EVERY RJ advisor I bump into when Im in FLorida always talks about annuities .

        They keep me laughing .

        All I have to do to bait the monkeys is complain about taxes .

        They get this scary look in their eyes like they may make a sale and be able to make their car payment this month on time .


        Want to see the doe in the headlight look ??? Ask them about their fav stock to buy now or unload ... they self destruct .

        Advisors ???? Wise ???? Successful ????

        LMAO ... Hillbilllies who memorize fund brochures and beg for drinks from annuity companies .

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