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  • raleighsquare raleighsquare Feb 4, 1999 4:51 AM Flag

    reply to hedgefund007

    ditto! any unsubstantiated reports about "the
    next big play" are highly suspect. let's keep this on
    the level of useful information and educated
    living in the community where RJF makes its
    home, i have followed it for years and tom james - now
    only in his mid 50s - is still a star, not a dinosaur.
    well respected firm; good common sense moves have
    resulted in solid growth.

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    • Has anyone else recvd an email from her asking your opinion on RJF online? I did and I responded to her. Just curious if anyone else did


    • I am interested in why you think RJF will or will
      not be able to succeed in the online arena. If you
      are interested in sharing your opinions publicly,
      please reply directly to me and include your real name
      and the city where you live. Thanks!
      Huntley, St. Petersburg Times

    • Online brokers present a real threat to the full
      service firms.
      The full service firms are going to
      have to justify their higher commission levels by
      differentiating themselves from the online brokers in ways like
      superior service or specialized products. With ML's
      purchase of Shaw, they may have proved your point and
      sounded the warning bell for those firms that don't have
      online trading capabilities.

    • I believe every Stock Broker will have to go
      online in order to stay in business, because customers
      will demand it. The business model will have to
      change, commissions will be lower. Even IPO's will be
      available online. How will any Broker be able to charge for
      advice? A customer will get advice from his full service
      Broker, and if he decides to buy the stock, simply uses a
      discount broker to avoid the high commission. This is why
      RJF's stock price is so low now. I am long RJF, but the
      Internet is turning this business upside down. The
      Internet will bring lower prices for consumers for
      everything. It will raise the standard of living, because
      consumers will be able to buy more at lower prices.


      Thank you for contacting us. We are planning to allow clients to trade
      online. However, we still do not have a date for launching the program.

    • I want to know if they are going to have a
      different level of trade pricing for the trades I would
      make from my account over the WEB versus the trades
      that would be initiated by my broker?

      wouldnt mind having an account that offered that type of
      deal- if my broker comes up with the research and
      timing and we snare a good trade I would pay for the
      service. How about when I went to sell that stock based on
      my own timing and research - would the trade cost be
      low or at a full service level?

      Or are they
      going to set up two different levels of accounts and
      proportionate trade costs. Or does the statement - "not going
      to compete with the discount brokers" (if that is
      the statement of TJ) mean you get online trading at
      full comish?

      Hey IU - notice that the volume of
      posters is proportionate to stock volume?

      • 2 Replies to parkmeister
      • Yes the volume of posters rises with the volume
        in action.
        For RJF this is a good thing because
        the stock is somewhat undervalued on

        Now with the introduction of on-line trading to it's
        clients this will strengthen those fundamentals to create
        more value.

        The on-line service which'll arise
        will have to be competitive. Some of the staid
        thinkers may have their set notions on how to deploy
        on-line trading, but once caught in the whirl of reality
        those notions may be swept away.

        RJF is perfect
        for offering on-line trading with added-value. A
        respectable research department, and extra services ranging
        from banking to trusts. It should highlight and
        complement their existing services.

        It may not be the
        stripped down basics many of us use, but there are many
        others who'll find it convenient and tailored to their

      • BIG NEWS???????? HALT????

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