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  • mrgeorgewindsor mrgeorgewindsor Jun 20, 1999 2:13 PM Flag


    DOHA, Qatar (AP) � Criticism of the royal family
    has long been taboo in Qatar.

    But that was
    before Aisha al-Muhannadi called the emirate's most
    popular radio program last week to attack the stipends
    paid to some 3,000 members of the royal family. She
    said the payments spawned inequality and social

    Al-Muhannadi's call to ``My Dear Nation,
    Good Morning'' released a rash of criticism against
    Qatar's ruling Al Thani family, whose members receive
    stipends from birth ranging from $2,740 to $8,220 a month.

    ``The ruling family has become a ... big emotional and
    financial weight on the nation and its people,'' one
    annoyed caller said.

    Al-Raya newspaper joined the
    debate in an editorial a few days later.

    Qataris are suffering from unemployment, lack of adequate
    housing and reduction of government subsidies ... the
    ruling family continues to enjoy privileges,'' the
    editorial read.

    The Information Ministry
    traditionally has kept the media on a short leash, routinely
    jailing critics of the government or ruling family.

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    • on your time ?? Let's see, who signs my check. Yep, it's me.

    • great job by rj bankers--cooked the books, look at a 2 year chart

    • If you read my answer about the new ID, you'll
      see I'm posting from home. Also, I can type a little
      faster than 5 WPM, - sorry if it takes you longer than
      that to read the messages- so that much of your time
      is wasted. If you're disturbed about the stock
      price, join the club.

    • No wonder this stock doesn't move, the only time you post is when you're at work. You should worry about making money for the company, and not cluttering the board on my time!

    • the mess its in now...good luck because its going to take a LOT
      MORE than a new director of research to fix the deepseated
      problems that snakepit has !!!!

    • would met life or guardian ever look at rjf? any
      i've check a couple other boards and rjf has come up
      i'm kinda new to this board and would appreciate any
      re. this issue. luck to all.

    • for clearing that up. My misunderstanding...LOL

    • from Robinson-Humphrey. Bob Anastasi has joined
      RJF as Senior Managing Director in Equity Research.
      He is Director and Co-Head of the Research
      Department, and will also serve as the Director of the
      Technology research practice.
      He was with RH for 17
      years, covers 30 stocks in the P.C., P.C. distribution
      channel and specialty computing industries.
      In the 7
      years the WSJ has published its all-star analyst
      survey, Bob has ranked in the top 5 more times(4) than
      any other P.C. industry analyst, including 2 first
      place rankings.
      Harvard Business School grad -
      He will have primary research responsibilities for:
      Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Compaq, and Dell amongst

    • I believe he is referring to RJF's analyst who
      specializes in banks and other financials, Dick Bove. He's
      been around a while and is very well respected - I
      would echo the suggestion to read his research, which
      is usually quite thorough. Then make your own calls
      on Buy/Sell based on your own situation and risk

      Just my opinion.

    • Sometimes I post a message from my home computer.
      When I try to ID as on99on2, it won't always take it.
      Anytime I am on99on3 it's because of a little glitch in
      my (kind of old) PC at home, -not an attempt to be
      mysterious. If I wanted to do that I would choose something
      less obvious.

      I offer information in which I
      think someone else might be interested. You may take it
      any way you like. If I offer an opinion, it is
      usually based on what I've seen or heard, rarely on
      speculation. Of course I don't see or hear it ALL. I am not
      blind to challenges we face, but I do plan to continue
      to point out what we are doing right.

      Best of
      luck to you.

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