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  • whatever_ufool whatever_ufool Aug 2, 1999 9:29 AM Flag

    ****WARNING***** See msg. 997

    Messages on Sunday night AND early Monday are pathetic !!! Isn't it time to start your paper route ??

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    • They were just an artistic troupe playing out the fortunes of this sad firm through street theater.

    • TAMPA, Fla. -- Four men overdosed on drugs during
      Sunday's game between the Denver Broncos and Tampa Bay
      Buccaneers game but were expected to survive, police said.

      The men, who were attending the Buccaneers' 13-10
      victory at Raymond James Stadium, were believed to have
      overdosed on gamma hydroxy butyrate, or GHB.

      drug can be taken in liquid or powder form and often
      is used with alcohol or other drugs. It has a
      serious depressive effect on the central nervous system
      and can cause loss of consciousness and interfere
      with breathing.

      The identities of the men,
      ranging from 22 to 32 years old, were not being released.

      Police said Monday they are investigating.

      Very apt for a stadium sponsored by a firm managed by
      imbeciles. Wonder if they were in a particular luxury box.

    • Well said. If these people really work for RJ and
      they are doing this stuff while they are at work, it's
      pretty bad. It explains a lot about the company and the
      stock price. It further makes me regret purchasing this
      stock. I wonder what their client base would think if
      they had access to all these postings. Do you think
      their constant campaign to character assassinate
      critical posters is of their own choosing or on behalf of
      the upper echelon? (which is even more bizarre)

    • While I'm sending RJF this insane post about
      Benson, I'll add a few more of these rants. I hope to
      hell you work for RJF and they've yet to asess merit
      increases, bonuses, performance review, etc... No wonder
      this stock is rotting, it's full of maggots.

    • Why don't you post this Benson's phone number!

      I doubt he'll be as amused as we are.

      stupid troll, probably using RJF equipment & time you've
      just laid the firm open to a possible lawsuit of
      harassment, as well as publishing on the world wide web this
      guy's private employment history. I'll be printing this
      and sending it to RJF's headquarters for review. As a
      shareholder I've seen enough lawsuits launched against RJF
      that I'm hardly delighted by the prospect that they
      they've got a beserk troll out of control careening into
      another one. Did they castrate your mind as well there in

    • That you could be so obsessed with hatred for
      this Mr. Benson person is comical. LOL. This thread is
      more entertaining than most. Now if you would like to
      tell the world this persons phone number or address,
      I'll call him and advise him of your pathetic
      rantings. Your guilt must be so deep that you suspect him
      to be the ball player in one post, and me in
      another. I now see why RJ stock is doing so poorly. IMHO
      they need a downsizing of personnel. You have my

    • Somebody challenged you to print his name you
      "know it all". Aren't you going to respond? Do you
      really have to run interference for your employer on
      these boards in order to keep your job? If the company
      I work for performed so poorly that people were
      assigned to try to distract investors by denegrating
      posters on these boards, I'd quit. Think about it.

    • Poor earnings after poor earnings keep this down
      & out. RJF's management apparently doesnt have a
      clue about business, theirs or in appraising others.
      No wonder their syndicate banking, research,
      overseas ventures, etc... are about as clever as bricks.

    • Why are you so consumed with my identity? If you
      think you know , then print it. You've made enough
      disparaging comments about the person. Why don't you give him
      a cause for action and expose him. While you're at
      it, list his address and phone number. If he doesn't
      participate in this board, I'll contact him with the copies
      of your slander.

    • you write like you are desperately stupid, and with wit as sharp as a spoon. WHATEVER you write this stock has been a real dog for a real long time.

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