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  • I couldn't have worded it as eloquently as you,
    however, if these people are employees, and I assume they
    are, I wouldn't let them manage my portfolio or
    anything else requiring any degree of confidentiality.
    What a bunch of sorry people!

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    • to see if anything interesting had happened to
      this company, and to see how Basketball slam dunked
      the RJF fan(s), but the RJF fan has completely shit
      in his pants. Rambling rants like he's some kind of
      serial killer, then posting confidential employee
      information. If that company doesn't know they've got a
      seriously SICK FUCK banging away at a Yahoo board while at
      work then the inmates there must be running the aylum.
      I wouldn't trust that company with a savings bond,
      much less an investment portfolio.

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      • HS..RBMG..RXSD..MYL..RJF..yes though not legal i
        was given the nod on "RJF" by one of their top
        brokers in sunny Fla. this time last year.Pull up charts
        on RJF's top five one year ago,an equally
        diversified dollar would be worth less then FORTY CENTS.Do
        not trust these parasitic scumbags...Get this friggin
        monkey off your back and save your mental
        health..SELL...SELL ...SELL. Only after i sold this shit was i able
        to begin making money again...Think again.... Take a
        good look at those charts..........The window of
        opportunity has opened on SCH EGRP AMTD hope to see some of
        you there.................Remember you have the key
        to this Asylum..... sincerely a former loyal member
        of "RJF HELL".......Best of luck to all.

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