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  • sazlowt sazlowt Jun 20, 2000 2:08 PM Flag

    Anyone here interested in seeing the

    Anyone here interested in seeing the latest

    I'm intrigued by some of the new forecasts
    considering the last research report, (it's there

    Seems I had missed a lot about the company in my
    earlier research. Guess that�s why they pay the

    Anyway, take a peek at the research report... this newest
    one or the archived ones, and tell me if you agree
    with the price target�and the time frames.

    got my fingers crossed.

    Oh yeah, here's the
    link to the free research report

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    • As I sit here snapping into my Slim Jim between
      bubbly sips of Florida fresh orange Fanta soda (Gracias
      my Mexican citrus pickin' compadres without whom
      there'd be no Mello Yello or Cherry Coke either!) I'm
      thinking I could catch up on my data entry, or devote my
      considerable efforts to fashioning new ways for RayJay to save

      Another brain storm! Cheap advertising. We could
      construct hollow plastic tubes in the shape of letters
      spelling out RJF. Place them on our highest roof. And then
      fill them up with Mello Yello. It'll glow for a
      thousand years, a beacon to local investors AND extra
      terrestrial investors. My cousin Phyllis still hazily
      remembers when back in 1988 during a Grateful Dead concert
      she was abducted by a demon alien who did
      unmentionable things to her. Not that she's complaining. At 270
      lbs. she's grateful for any of them kind of
      attentions. For proof she shows a tattoo on her thigh with
      the name Dipsy scrawled in blue. She awoke with that
      the next morning in the middle of the deserted
      stadium (The Ol' Sombrero). She DIDN'T have that
      particular tattoo before, and believes that's how the alien
      marks his breeding experiments.

      Anyway that's
      the story behind her daughter's birth and why she
      named her Dipsy. And Dipsy is a strange girl. She
      thinks her father was a Teletubby. She only eats custard
      and toast. She sometimes shouts out awful obscenities
      at the table, and blames it on the television in her
      tummy. When she's old enough she'll petition the courts
      to carry out DNA testing on the Teletubbies to
      decide which one is her father. Until then she plans on
      continuing to write them letters threatening to expose them
      as a bunch of hard core pornographers who gang raped
      her mother unless they begin paying "child support".
      She'd be a great bonds trader.

      Here comes the
      assistant supervisor back from her smoking break which
      means it's time for mine, and then home racing and
      weaving up US 19 to the bad ass tunes of KISS!!

    • Neither President could ever hold a position of
      consequence with RayJay. We're better. Jefferson didn't
      attend Harvard. He might've gotten a job in the cage
      shuffling stock certificates for thirty years. And
      Washington (and that Lincoln one) didn't attend college
      period. Probably couldn't get his foot in the door of the
      mailroom. We honestly deserved better Founding Fathers.
      Based on their attitudes, no wonder this country has
      turned out as it has. God bless TJ.

    • I held my breath till my cheeks turned blue, and
      my eyes fluttered. Then Uncle Bill hit me with his
      boot, and told me to cut it out. He said my brain
      needed all the oxygen it could get, and besides that I
      was scaring the dogs. I told him that RayJay's stock
      has hung above 20 all month and I didn't want to
      break the spell.

      Looks like the market has up
      and taken notice of our efforts at turning RayJay
      into an economic dynamo. I still work hard saving the
      company money. When security is checking employees in,
      and releasing others out, I sneak a piss outside to
      save water.

      I found a shrub suffering
      horribly under the drought. One day after drinking a lot
      of chocolate milk I showered it. The shrub's twigs
      really perked up. That might be a good commercial. Got

      I spend at least a half hour each day bending
      used staples back into shape (kinda). I figure that
      earns the company and its shareholders 10 cents every

      I've seen some unseemly, ungrateful comments on
      this board about salary, and our class system. That's
      commie talk. Ride an inner tube back to your buddy Fidel
      and don't let the sharks bite you in the butt on the
      way out, or go suck on rice breakfast, lunch, and
      dinner in Red China. I know every week after I pay Aunt
      Bea rent on her tool shed out back, I've got enough
      change leftover for real USDA food, Slim Jims. SNAP INTO
      A SLIM JIM!! Eaaaaat me! He's so funny and cool.
      They should make him into a movie. He could kung-fu
      the Twinkies. Knock the stuffing out of them. Kick
      their yellow asses. It'd be harder though laying down
      the law to the Ding-Dongs. They are tough when they
      get together in a pack.

      And what's this
      bitching about the great treatment our analysts, bankers,
      and upper management get. Sorry for swearing but I
      for one expect royalty to act like royalty. That's
      why the British royal family is the most majestic in
      the world. They don't go pedalling about on bikes
      like a minor monarch in those Swedish countries, or
      after dark tool around in a taxi like that Jordanian
      king. No wonder those camel jockies lose every single
      war. The have no leadership worth dying for.
      Brits though have gotten a little lax. And the Queen is
      righteously miffed. Once some of the princes and princess
      quit in-breeding and began dabbling with commoners all
      hell broke loose. Ferg and Di were walking compulsive
      eating disorders. One a fatty who never saw a cake she
      couldn't swallow, the other an anorexic with her head down
      in the toilet chucking up champagne and caviar
      dinners. They couldn't handle the huge responsibilities
      that come with being regal. Thank the lord that TJ and
      his brood recognize their challenging nepotistic
      duties and practice family and corporate in-breeding. If
      only Washington had ripped up that revolutionary
      drivel Jefferson penned and chosen to be King.

    • Gud luck to you too!

      Suppose my situation
      is a little different. Long term holder with decent
      profit. You hate to see a share "moulder" as long as this
      one has.

      If you want a real "crying shame sell
      story" let me know, and I'll give you a doozy.

    • After having held for a little more than a year and a half, I finally got out at 22.50 the other day. This sucker should go to all time new highs now (never fails). Good Luck to all longs.

    • The best thing RJF's done for research was to
      hire in Bob Anastasi last year to head up the
      department. Bob's a multiple All Star WSJ winner out of
      Robinson-Humphrey in Atlanta, and he's started recruiting in other
      really good RH analysts like Jim Parker (airlines) and a
      couple of their bankers. RH had one of the best research
      teams on the Street until their parent company, Smith
      Barney, came in and cut salaries and bonuses. Their loss
      is RJ's major gain.

      Corporate Finance cannot
      exist without good Research coverage, so the loosening
      of RJ's purse strings on research analysts can only
      help the overall capital markets picture.

    • I hear is usually pretty bad since they don't like to talk to competition about their business.

      • 1 Reply to TEC_1998
      • just came out with a very
        interesting survey and ranking of sell-side research. It
        attempts to blend elements of the Institutional Investor
        Survey with the WSJ survey in order to determine which
        analysts really add value AND pick good stocks. I suggest
        you read their methodology for more details (on website), but in my opinion the survey effort was
        first rate.

        Unfortunately, RJF pretty much got
        pancaked. 26 out of 31. And if it weren't for their energy
        group, they might not have even made it at all. RJF
        ought to triple that guy/gal's salary!!! Oh, that's
        right, it sounds like compensation is an issue according
        to some posters on the board.

        I wonder how
        the RJF director of research has any sense of pride
        in that performance. Seems pretty dismal to me. Keep
        in mind, this is based on input from end users of
        the research product. They are essentially saying the
        research/client service from RJF is irrelevant.

        YIKES! How

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