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  • bristern bristern Jan 14, 1999 5:59 PM Flag

    I went to the dental convention today!

    The location of the block booth was in perfect
    location. When walking into the convention it was on the
    left in the first isle. There were dentists and
    hygenists at the booth at all times. I talked with a rep
    named Marilyn and she said the convention has been a
    true sucess. Tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. Dr. Lonnie Johnson
    is giving a presentation to 150 hygenists and
    dentists about atridox drug delivery systems. Periostat
    and periochip were not busy and can't market there
    products like block. I was very impressed with the
    interest in atridox and our product is finally getting out
    to the dentists. The upside for this new product is
    unbelievable. These low stock prices will be gone in short
    order. Once dentists use this product for the first time
    they will be hooked. Not only is it a great product
    but patients will no longer have to experience the
    painful procedures of SRP. Once the tissues decreased in
    inflamation as well as decreased pocket depth the
    supragingival calculus will be able to be removed without pain.
    I will post on tomorrow session at the convention.
    It looks like the price of the stock has slightly

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    • Then why are there posts regarding Mr. Forman, today?

    • and to Mr. Hartstoc, sorry but I never proof read my posts. Glenn

    • Vas issa "big macher"? But seriously

      CEO's need to be remunerated on the return to the
      owners, e.g. the shareholders. A company needs the right
      product line and the ability to produce the products, but
      I'm not sure accomplishing that is the real job of a
      CEO. If there was a strong concentration of ownership,
      this attitude towards investors would not be taking
      place. Atridox will save a lot of teeth, but I'm vested
      in ATRX for purely selfish reasons. Tetrazinni�s
      assessment of Foreman vs. Campbell�s analysis is spurious.
      If Block fails to properly represent Atridox to
      dentists, the product will not sell. Why would poor
      representation of ATRX to the investment community be any
      different? I still believe that the tremendous price drop of
      the ATRX stock could have been alleviated by proper
      communication and representation to the investment community.
      Maybe the difference between a P/E ratio of 20 and 40
      is investor perception, which must be managed just
      like any manufacturing or marketing process. Anyway, I
      predicted insider buying weeks ago on this board (still
      haven�t seen the numbers - but I assume I was correct).
      There was profit to be had in the devaluation that
      followed the bogus numbers that Foreman reported.

      Personal note: I'm not perfect - but some of these
      postings are looking like ransom notes! Take a second to
      check them out prior to posting. It adds (or detracts)
      from your credibility

    • for explaining your position. Fortunately my skin
      is fairly thick so I was not worried or insulted by
      your comments. I agree with you that this board seems
      to have an overly negative slant. If I had purchased
      shares in this company at 20 and seen them fall I would
      have also been very upset. It is always easier to
      blame someone else when you have no control over the
      situation. It is a sure bet that the same folks that love to
      post extreme negative comments are the same ones that
      would need shoulder therapy due to patting themselves
      on the back if their stock went from 20 to 50.

      I think negative information is just as important
      as overly rosy information. Just consider the source
      and find a middle ground that will hopefully help the
      average investor.

    • Your response cleared up one of my main questions. Will do more DD before investing, but so far, looks positive. As for the biotech sector performing poorly in well I know.

    • Early in 1998 a mutual fund was acquiring one
      million shares of Atrix. This presumably had an impact in
      pushing the price of the stock up. The same mutual fund
      dumped all 1 million shares on Dec 18. The stock dropped
      dramatically that day. Some of the downward drift may also be
      attributable to short sellers. Last fall the short position
      peaked at slightly more than 1.4 million shares. The
      biotech sector was also one of the poorer performing
      sectors in 1998. During 1998 the company received
      milestone payments of $17 million dollars from Block Drug.

    • ATRX was brought to my attention this weekend by
      the Barron's information on insider buying. What
      little DD that I have been able to do looks very
      promising for this company. However, I have two ?'s that I
      would like answers: 1) What caused the recent Major
      drop from over 20.00 to under 10.00, when it appears
      that only good news is coming from the company. 2)From
      my review it appears that 98 earnings will be
      excellent, but it appears that for 99 projected earning will
      actually be negative. What gives? Did they get major
      milestone payments in 98 that will not reoccur in 99 and
      royalty payments will not be enough for positive
      Thanks for anyone's input for these questions.

    • there happens to be a few of us that try to
      silence the incredible negatism that permeates this
      board. My reference to smart asses was directed at those
      who POO-POOED the purchase of ViroTex. Never once
      considering that the management of Atrix is capable of making
      astute decisions without checking with the premodonas on
      this board first. The rug was pulled out from under
      their eternal negatistic feet and they know it. I do
      applogise if my previous post sounded as if I was reffering
      to more than a select few. Glenn

    • the planet Youranus, you are out of this world.
      What conclusion are you trying to draw? Try not
      posting the article next time, then no one will know what
      an idot you are. Try a 12 step program, it might

    • You may have been born a horse's ass, but never-the-less you should be proud of the great effort that must have gone into making the finished product.Unbelievable!!!

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