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  • lancekoliver lancekoliver Nov 20, 2011 1:22 PM Flag

    Thursday Debrief!

    Please notice, John, that I referred to being a die-hard REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT, not a conservative or liberal. We all have our strongly held perspectives (as we should!). I wasn't in any way disparaging yours.

    My point was that the evidence -- not the hot air, but the historical record -- suggests there's not much difference between the two PARTIES on the issue of fiscal responsibility. In my lifetime we've had the Democrats in control of the WH and Congress, the Republicans in control of the WH and Congress, and usually a mixture of control. And in my entire lifetime, the federal government has run a surplus two years (under a Democratic president and Republican Congress). That was more of a happy accident than good stewardship.

    So whatever the politicians say, their track record is clear: neither party is serious about fiscal responsibility and probably won't be until a crisis forces it. The current president and Congress are different only in that they are accelerating the approach of the crisis.

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