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  • hanschristian38 hanschristian38 Jan 10, 2007 4:29 PM Flag

    Marine Max taking a hit today.

    "BTW, if this is supposedly a "real estate play", could anybody identify exact what real estate properties WMAR owns?"

    I don't think that they own any real estate.

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    • Walmart trades at 18x projected P/E.

      West Marine trades at 40x estimated P/E. Maybe WMAR will acquire Walmart on a stock for stock exchange at these values. What a deal! Afterall, they are both retailers. Why shouldn't Walmart shareholders take one share of WMAR for two shares of WMAR. Makes sense to me.

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      • Hey Dude! Get a grip! Since when does the trading price of a stock have to have any relationship to its value?

        I think the price has more to do with the option vesting decision some time ago than anything fundamental about the company.

        As long as Franklin Resources and Thales have a large stake, this stock will not go down. Just buy on the dips and sell on days like this. You can't lose. I'd bet a dollar to a hole in a donut that both of these funds have increased their positions in the last quarter in a strategy that involves getting employees to exercise and sell the vested stock options to raise cash flow for the company. I am not going to help you here. Do your own analysis. Apply a little common sense and a dash of logic. It will all make sense.

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