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  • trees2frogs trees2frogs Jun 22, 2006 3:37 PM Flag

    Nobody Cares

    The reason nobody cares about Inovio is due to the company's lack of honesty regarding progress.

    It all started several years ago when they claimed they were going to launch sales in Europe. Nothing ever happened and there was never an explaination for why.

    More recently they claimed to be in late-stage, phase III trials, but refuse to discuss the number of patients treated, where the clinical trial sites are or provide any kind of update.

    Finally, they claim to have started some new clinical trials for pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, etc., yet no information on progress.

    How can you believe or trust anything they say.

    Add to that, only six month of cash left.

    Not a very bright future.

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    • I've been reviewing all the 'Nobody Cares' postings...Hmmm...First of all, I'm neither a basher nor a promoter. I bought some INO over a year ago...and, like most of you, I was impressed with the technology.

      I was impressed by the fact that it is iminently practical. I've done research in electrophoretic transdermal drug delivery systems...quite successfully I might add, albeit I can't give you the details as I have a non-disclosure agreement with a number of pharmaceutical companies.

      Nevertheless, electrical stimulation is a very effective way of enhancing drug delivery - in general.

      Now then, being down 51%, I decided to see what the hell is going on with this stock. One poster indicated that we should have patience - after all, it takes a long time to implement a 200 patient multi-site study.

      Another poster cites a 2 1/2 year gap since the announcement of the study and no progress reports. Still says another, it takes time.

      Well, folks I have to tell you several things;
      One, any management team that does not keep their shareholders informed have something to hide.
      Two, it's good we're not talking about pancreatic cancer or most of the patients would be dead by now.
      Three, (in conclusion with this line of thinking) the technology probably is great, but it would seem that it is in the wrong hands.

      Now then, we've just seen a 12 million dollar investment in "something" during the first quarter. Can anyone tell me what that is about? That is why their "cash and cash equivalents" is down to only $2.2 million dollars.

      Thanks in advance.

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      • """we've just seen a 12 million dollar investment in "something" during the first quarter. Can anyone tell me what that is about?"""

        You're joking right? It's difficult for me to take anything this poster writes as something of substance.

        """I'm neither a basher nor a promoter. I bought some INO over a year ago..."""

        I thought disclosure of ownership was required because a financial interest shows a favorable bias.

      • The $12M "investment" is just a shift of their cash into some kind of short-term, liquid investment. The "investment" numbers in Yahoo cash flow statements pick up short-term cash investments, so you need to look at the SEC filings, which break out the investments.

        I think your line of thinking is a little paranoid - just because you are unsure of some things that look/sound a little flakey on the surface, management must be inept and/or corrupt. If you have questions that need to be asked, send them to investor relations. I sent an e-mail about which DNA vaccine trials that Vical is pursuing are using INO's electroportation and they got back to me within a couple of days.

        I listened to a couple of their investor presentations and did not get the sense that anything was being hidden? I can't claim to have investigated the phase III trial(s) history in detail, but it doesn't sound like you have either?

    • I agree that the communication stream has been flaky at best, but to say that they refuse to discuss number of patients or trial sites on the phase III trials is a little harsh. The presentation on the web indicates they are targeting 200 patients to enroll by year-end and the website has a number for patients to call to get information on trial sites. By the very nature of it these cancer trials are slow-moving and difficult to report progress on - you are waiting for people with cancer to find you or be recommended by their doctors and with numberous trial sites, the data accumulation and analysis is cumbersome at best. So "progress reports" in a multi-site trial that takes a year to enroll 200 patients is a bit unrealistic. I haven't been around long enough to know what's going on in Europe. And I agree the cash situation is an issue - hopefully their current major shareholders will step up and not screw the retail holders, or preferably sell the company.

      Bottom line - you have to believe in the technology and may have wait 3-5 years to see the value realized. Not many are willing to do that with the fed pushing rates?

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      • I have an analyst report from february 2004 that was excited because patient enrollement for the phase three trials had been initiated. We are now two and a half years later, so yes, I think expecting a progress report is not extravagant.
        INO has been producing news that should be interesting. However, until they show they can can deliver on at least one thing, which has been long in the pipeline, their announcements are as much hot air.

    • Quite correct. The company has delivered neither rsults or progress reports on either the european launch or american phase three. In fact it is impossible even to find out which hospitals, let alone doctors, or how many patients are involved. Are there any?

    • I agree with your post fully. I still have no clear idea what happened to the European launch or if it will ever happen. I thought we were on the verge of results for phase III 2 years ago, I'm still waiting. I believe in the technology, but the street has answered, and the answer says INO is still no where near comericalizing anything in the near future. Please correct me if I'm wrong. To me, the street may be harsh, but it doesn't lie.

      Just my humble opinion,


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