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  • laujhawj laujhawj Jan 18, 2012 3:31 PM Flag

    'Tis NO "flipping" for pennies.

    This behavior is really about one or two loan sharks --- who got their shares cheap --- wanting to dump millions of shares even if the PPS comes down appreciatively over a number of weeks and months.

    So long as they don't create massive 25-50% depcriation in a few day's time. Because THAT would cause little to NO BUYERS wanting to come in to slowly buy the millions of shares they, the loan sharks, wanted to get rid off.

    Those who "flip" for pennies and dollars, flip on stocks like CITI, BAC, NFLX, GS, etc. with tens to hundreds of millions in volume, the liquidity necessary to get in and out for a few hundred dollars here and there throughout the day or week.

    INO's trend is basically a few major owners dumping their at SMALL buyers who BID IT DOWN to buy.... These big owners have NO PROBLEM throwing tens to hundreds of thousands of shares, endlessly DOWNWARD to ever-lowering bidders.

    Sure, there's a few small timer exchanging some shares, too; but what drives th PPS dive, the last a couple straight months --- in addition to the public offering of late --- has been a few major sellers, who EASILY satiate the BUYING of small guys, so each day, they drive the INO's pps DOWN towards the NEXT level of bidders, who then LOWER their bidding still, and so on...

    So, little or no fundametnals are involved here... or even serious "flipping" for pennies, as some claimed. Just PROTRACTED sellers each and every single day, quickly satiating all bidders, causing ever-lowering bidding to take place, to create this protracted downward movement...

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    • Like your artical. I wish some one would buy off Maxie Waters. Problem solved.

    • And until this one or two major sellers have completed dumping --- or until it announces something substantial --- INO's pps could never trend up, regardless whether DOW goes to 13,000 or 14,000.

      Everyday, the sellers line up and prep the selling in such a way, so that small buyers would be bidding higher and higher, stackin up their bidding in a few tens of thousands of shares, willing to go up as high as a few percentages... and THEN the big selling throw tens to hundreds of thosuands of shares at the various tiers of bidding, with the result being a quick CASCADING EFFECT of going from 5-8% in the positive into a 2-5% in the red, and THAT stop even those who're bidding even pretty low to start with...... they immediately cancel their bidding orders....

      So, you can see, this pattern of trading is not really small traders exchanging a few thosuand shares for a few pennies in the minus or plus.... it is systematic and protracted DUMPING DOWN shares, to get rid off as many shares, on a daily basis, as possible, of these one/two/three major owners of shares....

      When you see DOW and NAS going up several consecutive days, with 9 out of 10 average stocks being on the green and INO wasting away, trending down, systematically like this, with eratic zigzaging, more precipitously down than up, particularly towards the end of the day... it is the doing of large owners SIMPLY trying to throw out a few tens of thousands of shares, REGARDLESS what happens to the PPS... so long as a few small buyers are willing to absorb the shares thrown at their biddings, even at 2-8% down....

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      • "Holding other factors constant...." I agree with your observation of the trading pattern & the likely cause... but a material, substantive announcement on one of INO's clinical study results... or a major partnership announcment would likely reverse this PPS stagnation.

        The stock is right above the 52 week low and if it wasn't for the dumping the stock would be appreciably higher.

        INO is a long-term conviction buy for me... I'm comfortable buying knowing that it could have 20-30% downside risk in the short term... but, as long as their IP, product pipeline, and management team are strong.... I'll put my money on the line.

        Regardless of the actions of a couple of 7-headed hydra venture capitalists... the shareprice & market cap will eventually revert to the mean... i.e. dramatically above where it's at right now.

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