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  • tomtursk tomtursk Feb 28, 2013 4:20 PM Flag

    Clinical Trials

    Those bashers who continually claim something is wrong with Inovios clinical trials simply do not know what they are talking about. Inovio is always recruiting new patients for trials, even as they are on-going. Most micro-small cap pharma companies do this. The pump of adxs which a basher of Inovio helped to blow up was successful for those pump and dump penny traders who commonly do this type of thing to scare people out of their long term investments and into their 'next big thing,, better hurry its going to sky rocket!!!!! Dont buy these pump and dump arguments it will only cost you money and health problems. If you are trying to penny trade Inovio,,you should probably look elsewhere for an investment that you will be able to put your money in and sleep at night. Inovio will have its ups and downs, probably stay in a higher average range from here on. Bottom line is Inovio will cause a paradigm shift in its business, they have a broad pipeline already with outstanding reviews on their technology and work from industry peers and they will make you a lot of money when the time comes for wall street to braodly see what is happening and get greedy. cheers.

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    • Penny stock traders react emotionally many times. That is also because these small cap companies in the biotech/biopharma business fail 70% of the time. That, in turn, is because start-up companies may have a good scientific principle, or good marketing experience, or have experience in founding a company (biomedical device regulatory experience is not good drug/biological regulatory experience, BTW), but they do not have all the players necessary to form a team in the research and development pathway. Minimally a small cap needs good developmental scientists, a physician affiliate to be the medical director, a regulatory person, someone to lead the preclinical safety study testing (that is pretty simple for vaccines) and the manufacturing people. With the proper team approach, you can start a company in a garage. I know and have worked for two (Baxter Healthcare and Charles River Laboratories both started in garages). Both of these are $billion companies today.

      Does everyone know why vaccine studies seldom have safety problem (unless you get an immune over-reaction)? The immune response is a threshold. There is no dose effect. Giving twice as much vaccine gives no greater immunity. That is why these tiny doses are so dramatically therapeutic. If an antibody response is achieved and the antibody is neutralizing to the agent that you want to eliminate from the body.

      Anyway, Inovio is well founded in all the areas necessary for success, but I cannot find their regulatory personnel inhouse. With a good scientist/vaccinologist (thank you Dr. Alper) sometimes you do not need a lifelong regulatory person. Just a cGMP manufacturing person.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • i'm tired reading about other stocks & idiotic shorts. to everyone who hasn't, do yourself a favor and do a basic dd. the previous successful trials, the agreements, the fundings, the board members / nothing hidden

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