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  • jacktrade175 jacktrade175 Mar 27, 2013 3:06 PM Flag

    Why are you here Jerrycurls81?

    you are in over bash territory. You need to either get back in or move on with your life. It is not healthy to be negative 24/7 about one single thing.

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    • The only thing I bash are people who continue to pump on old news, people who have extra ordinary high pps for the stock with no news and people who just aren't realist's. Oh yea and I bash Kim for the most recent events.

    • LoL oh wait so you rather me pump it up so it will reach your high entry point? Your a bag holder in the red right now. I'm not the one with over 100 k retirement in a speculative stock.

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      • Jerry ino's up over 10% since you sold your shares at .51 cents...damn 1 more documented loss on your ino trades you have one of the weakest hands I have seen in awhile only reason i know is because your so open about it..i respect that about you gl with your next buy in

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      • Your a hillbilly. If you actually worked in finance... Let alone in my office and you spoke out loud the way you speak on here, I would come up behind you and cheap shot you. Literally I would take three bunny hops and sock you in your dome. I wish I had a picture of you. Your wasted time on here verifies that you were a loser in middle school, beaten rotten in HS, had no chance for a real education to get to college, your mother was amazed you can read, let alone type, haha let alone scroll web pages and even comment on something way out of your league. Your a pill. You suck at life. Your parents hate you. Your boyfriend Timmy's balloon knot is swollen and need you to lick it like a cat. Every time you speak you fart out of your mouth. I wish I had a chance to cheap shot you... There is only 1 exception to cheap shot a #$%$ like you and that's when they run there mouth. Get a job.

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    • He was an owner, bought in feb and sold when dilution came, so he is a bitter seller

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