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  • stickthej42 stickthej42 Mar 28, 2013 6:18 PM Flag

    Type inovio pharmaceuticals in google and check last hour, HIV article out


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    • Stickj42- Hey man I'm surprised a lot of ppl overlooked the importance of this study you found. This is good stuff right here. Ino's HIV studies are unlocking more and more innovations in this field, if our vaccine makes it to market the findings here will be implemented into it. Check out who we have on our team for this research and who's funding it a lot of money and time are being put into seeing are approach succedd. Other biotech company's would release this in PR's but most of our studies going on aren't you have to look for them like you did. Countless studies are going on and this is the only way to find the progression of them.

    • What we have here is a journal report on a element called p24CE, their testing what happens when added to inovios current vaccine p55gag. The advantage shown so far by is adding the element p24CE they were able to show even greater immune responses. This is an early stage development and if found effective in further studies would make inovios current dna vaccine even more potent then it all ready is.

    • Just read that. Well kinda. To technical to really understand. Published today but not the one we are looking for.

      Received: October 1, 2012; Accepted: February 24, 2013; Published: March 28, 2013

      HIV-1 p24gag Derived Conserved Element DNA Vaccine Increases the Breadth of Immune Response in Mice

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