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  • deliveryman61 deliveryman61 Apr 30, 2013 8:24 AM Flag

    What Inovio is about Explains our PPS..,THE FUTURE


    It's ALL About Drugs and Who Has the Latest in Pharmacueticals...but we have NONE...A NEW Methodology/Immunology that uses DNA Segment Plasmid Coupled with Electroporation (opens cells for Delivery of Plasmid)....The Results Thusfar??? MIND-boggling...Do the DD, but here's some help :Google
    1 Inovio HIV
    2 Inovio HPV
    3 Inovio HCV
    4 Inovio Influenza
    5 Inovio Prostate Cancer
    6 Inovio Smallpox
    7 Inovio CMV
    8 Inovio Malaria
    9 Inovio Hep B
    10 Inovio Leukemia
    We are Swimming against the Current 'Tide' of Drugs for treatments and up until Now...we're Nobody...HIV Results awaited...H7N9 involvement...unclear as to what role we will play...Just DO the DD

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    • good post d-man. Yes, people don't believe in things they don't understand. Everything is relative.......remember, "the world was flat" and "the sun revolved around the earth"!

    • Also Lassa virus:

      April 11, 2013 | By Nick Paul Taylor

      "Inovio is collaborating with the U.S. Army on the device with a view to making it suitable for rapid vaccinations of military troops against infectious diseases. The collaboration builds on research into the creation of a DNA vaccine against the Lassa virus. Inovio was encouraged by results in animals--with the electroporation delivery being well tolerated--but the device fell short as a mass-vaccination tool. The Lassa virus is still the focus of the new project, with Inovio looking into how to deliver multiple vaccines against it and other arenaviruses."

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