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  • dannytheinvestor dannytheinvestor Jun 11, 2013 2:32 AM Flag

    Q about Inovio

    Why was their share price $50 in 2000/2001? Google chart shows a big spike back then.

    Long lots of biotechs, may initiate a long position in INO

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    • The number of shares issued was much small then.

    • You also have to remember the biotech bubble that existed in 2000. It was like the internet bubble. Biotechs were all greatly overvalued anywhere from 5 to 10 times.

    • If I'm not mistaken Genetronics acquired Inovio back in 2005 and then changed their name. I think the chart may reflect the price of GENE (I used to own shares when they were about $8/share). GL

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    • Danny, back in 2004-5 when I was invested in VGX and became aware of INO in those price ranges, we could really not explain it either. We use to say if INO is pulling in that price on the public market, imagine what VGX would be worth!!!! Meaning we felt we should pull in 3x the price at least. Now the companies are merged, and we trade at .64. The market is a crazy and fickle place. All I can say is rules are completely different post 2008. Ino price was propelled back then by mostly hype and positive thinking. Once that ended, the stock dropped fast and far. No lingering glow form the really nice market run from 2003-2007.
      The company is a much better entity with much better management. I do not think it should be trading 40-50 range yet. I do feel if we got some good results and halo effect Ino could pull off $10 in the next year or so. GL with your DD. Ino is a very good company, but maybe you should be careful investing in too many biotech stocks.

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      • Answering John's question: I've got a very nice Lotus 61 race car, 2 vintage spitfires hopped up for racing, and my favorite bang around town unit is a '58 Triumph TR 3 that has been in the family for 30 years. I have my eye on a very nice Jaguar Saloon Car at Hyman Motors in St Louis. Just waiting to skim off some INO profits to make an investment that I can enjoy while it is appreciating in value. I always liked the SL's.

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    • Before 2009 the chart shows Inovio's Biotech stock, not Inovio Pharmaceuticals.
      The current Inovio Pharmaceuticals is the merge between Inovio Biotech and VGX Pharmaceuticals.
      The management team came from VGX Pharmaceuticals with some additions later, mostly with ex-Merckers scientists, like the former president of Merck Vaccines etc.

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