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  • ivestors ivestors Jun 20, 2013 11:53 AM Flag

    Zacks downgraded INO...

    cuts its target price at $0.70...


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    • Did Zacks give any reasons for the downgrade?

    • Thanks for the info.I am long but I still want to be made aware of any news that affects my investment...good or bad. The exchange of info helps my personal investing.

    • Ivestors … I value the post, based on your consistent history as a participant of the INO MB you are mostly positive so I believe some of the other longs should cut you some slack.

      I’m not as long as many on the board but lets just assume for a minute that your post shakes some of the weaker hands, I look at this as a positive because I have the opportunity to buy more shares at a discount.

      Anyone who truly believes in INO should CARELESS if the PPS drops 5cents in either direction over the next 3 or 4 months. The real prize is what happens within the next 12 to 24mths. Within that timeframe I’m looking for 10+!!!!

      Best of Luck All … And as someone once said “LONG AND STRONG INO!!!!” but I forgot who said it…

    • You are correct. Nobody cares about Zacks so why even post this message in the first place ? If you are long on INO, why would you put a negative title "Zacks downgraded INO" out there for everyone to see ????

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      • apatriot Jun 20, 2013 2:42 PM Flag

        "If you are long on INO, why would you put a negative title "Zacks downgraded INO" out there for everyone to see ????" Your saying just because an investor is long they shouldn't post all available public information? Explain this logic please.

      • You should know, this is not something secret, it's from yesterday in all the other forums.

        Most of the INO longs don't have weak hands, they don't be scared from the truth because in 99% is in favour of INO.

        If Zacks makes you feel unsecure, then sell. Others who believe more in INO will buy your shares.

        As for if i'm long on INO, read my posts. I don't think yours are more bullish or more useful.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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