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  • stevenlissner Jun 21, 2013 12:34 PM Flag

    Shale Gas


    I watched a TV program last nigh about shale gas. I was surprised that in the USA the companies do not need to divulge which chemicals they pump into the earth! How is this possible? Here in the UK we are going to start drilling for shale gas but all the companies are obliged to reveal exactly what they are pouring down the wells! There seems to be quite a few people getting sick from their own well water that have become contaminated. A doctor who is representing a client who has become sick from the contamination can ask the drilling company what chemicals they use, but they must sign a disclosure form that forbids the doctor from revealing which chemicals are being used! Shale is the future for gas as it's much cheaper than importing and it also takes away the reliability on other countries who can change prices whenever a better offer comes along. I'm Just a little bored but was very surprised at the contempt of the drilling companies and the American government for allowing this to take place!

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    • Nothing like a little arsenic (As) in your afternoon tea for sweetener.

    • hey steve---another penny stock that should be higher Ecosphere Technologies ESPH---can and does offer a viable solution to the chemicals being used for fracing---just difficult getting the big boys to change their ways if they don't have to---

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The US companies hid behind a "secret formula " defense that allows them to not disclose the chemical compounds. It's a defense the entire industry supports. They all know what it is the competition is using, it's a wink wink way of hiding the carcinogens. Obama is in their pockets as much as Congress, he's already rehearsing for his next gig to become a billionaire. He sold out day one. And no I am not biased, I voted for him. He neither liberal nor moderate, as witness to the drone strikes and the surveillance issues will attest.

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