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  • detriver81 detriver81 Aug 16, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    What Most Scientifically-Illiterate Investors Don't Understand...


    Pharmacokinetics of experimental drugs are vastly unpredictable in humans and other animals due to slight variances in metabolic pathways. So, what looks good in experimental animals often doesn't pan out in humans. However, with DNA vaccines and their insertion and expression in cells, the mechanism is the same whether in humans or other animals. Trials have already shown this to be true , and that robust immune responses have been notes in both humans and other animals with an incredible safety profile...Now it is only a matter of testing vaccine in humans with a direct pathogen challenge. The malaria trial will be INO's time to shine in a big way!$ The only question in my mind is, "did INO's DNA fragments (plasmids) target the right antigens which mobilize an effective immune response against the target pathogen?" Based on data thus far--and there is a lot and growing--it appears they are doing a great job of targeting the correct antigens (as animal studies have time and again shown protective effects of INO's vaccines when vaccinated animals were challenged with potentially deadly pathogens...My confidence this company and its team of scientific experts is very high!$ I feel my investment in INO will soon bring big ROI!$ And even better, as I reap financial rewards from my astute investment, so many people will have their lives completely altered in such a positive way by this company and its revolutionary approach to diseases!$ GLTALongs!$

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    • bump again

    • Excellent write up, always on asset to this board. We really got something that can break through some barriers here

    • the market does not respond to good science. whatever potential INO has it has no track record delivering a legit marketable product. every time ino goes up it is on rumor or trial results, but it always leads to a dead end. ino has dropped 50% in the last two weeks, this is typical for speculative biotech stocks but you guys talk about ino like it's some blue chip. why no longs took advantage of the massive gains (3.15 per share) shows how ignorant you duds are. you are playing the stock market with your emotions. if you want to make money check your ethics at the door. less than 5% of biotech companies ever develop an actual drug. chances ino becomes acad is less than its chances of going below a dollar before the end of the year.

    • Detriver81- I appreciate your optimism and your sense of knowledge in the science of immunization, vaccines, the immune system and DNA. However sometimes optimism and realism are two different things.....and confusing one with the other can be dangerous. Poster "rul6t2" sort of hit on this in his post below mine.
      From a medical standpoint, I may not be a knowledgeable as you in this field but I have a few question with what I do know. Perhaps you can enlighten or inform me as to why I shouldn't feel this way based on my questions regarding Vaccine science.

      So basically I know there are two types of vaccines in this world - prophylactic and therapeutic. Prophylactic vaccines are used to help "educate your immune system" to recognize and destroy future strains of potential viruses that might invade and harm your body. Therapeutic vaccines are supposed to trigger immune system response that are to recognize and destroy foreign viral pathogens already inside of your body. Which of these types of vaccines is Inovio trying to create & implement inside your body?

      It seems to me that it would be impossible or highly improbable to create a therapeutic vaccine to fight off HIV virus once the virus is already inside of you as a human. Simply because the HIV virus main job is to kill the immune system period. Therefore any immune system response to a body already infected with HIV is more than likely going to be futile. Is Inovio planning to make a therapeutic or a prophalctyic HIV vaccine?

      What about for the other diseases?

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      • Play, I understand your concerns; however, my optimism is based on the realism of this company's scientific results/data...The trials are showing that INO's approach works in other animals as well as humans in stimulating robust immune responses. I am confident that the preclinical protective properties of INO's vaccines (vaccinated animals when challenged with deadly viruses have shown 100% protection/survival) will also play out in human animals. Nothing is absolutely predictable; but, the results so far point overwhelmingly in the positive direction for efficacy of INO's vaccines. That is just my opinion, of course, but it is based on the hard science presented up to this point. Can things go awry in the future? Sure; but, I don't think they will...

        Regarding the preventive/therapeutic potential of INO's vaccines, particularly as they relate to HIV, which generally diminishes immune response in infected individuals, INO's approach, as I understand for those infected with HIV, is to use a vaccination in combination with antiretroviral drugs that help keep HIV in check.

        I took this from the Fierce Vaccines article:

        "This data is a first for DNA vaccines by yielding robust T cell immune responses in people chronically infected with HIV," Kim said. "Even though the HIV viral load of these volunteers was suppressed and brought under control by antiretroviral drugs, their immune systems are not normal and would typically have difficulty generating strong T cell responses to any immune stimulating approach."


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    • I'm long on INO for scientific reasons. I think DNA vaccines are the next stage of vaccine development, but like all new technologies there were bugs to work out. Antibodies, antisense, RNAI, DC vaccines--all have followed this same pattern. There was an exciting new approach hampered by technical difficulties. Eventually someone cracks the nut there. I'm hoping that with DNA vaccine Inovio is the company to do it. I think the early studies are VERY promising. Optimizing antigen presentation with their unique plasmids and improving cell permeability with a proprietary electroporation technology may have done the trick at last. At least I'm personally betting that is has.

      That said, all vaccines have the same unpredictability moving into the clinic. And it's not about PK. It's inherent in the fact that a robust immune response, in animals or in man, doesn't translate 100% into a good clinical response. That may sound counter-intuitive, but it's true. You can have great T-cell activation, of multiple T-cell types, and STILL find you're not effectively treating the indication. Don't trust me on this, do your own research.

      Robust immune response is necessary but not sufficient for clinical efficacy, in other words. This makes predicting the success of vaccines based on early data very, very difficult. If you're going to invest in risky propositions, know the risks. This is one big challenge you face in immune system related biotechs. Lots of vaccines trigger great immune responses and DON'T WORK in the clinic. Again, don't trust me, do your homework.

      Good luck to all longs.

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    • Thanks detriver, I admit to being one of those scientifically-illiterate investors since I didnt know of this key advantage with DNA vaccines until you pointed it out.. My faith is now even stronger. People like you make this board worthwile, GLTY sir.

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    • IMO all we need is the CD P2 (VGX-3100) data to be positive and the rest is history in the making...not only will this completely seal the deal in my eyes for electroporation but also Inovio's DNA technology. They have the non-Human protection/therapy down IMO, it is now the Human results that the Street still questions. If the upcoming results are positive this will no doubt clear the air about if this technology works or not and Inovio will from there continue to rise just like ACAD or PCYC, perhaps even in greater fashion.

      If the CD P2 data is good, assuming the technology is what they say it is, this could mean they all work and Inovio could be the greatest pharma ever seen. It all sounds like a "pump" story now but if the results play out like we "expect" then that is exactly what this company will be known as..

      Now..if this staff was anything but the staff it is I would no way take a "gamble" on this because I am by no means a biotech investor by nature, this is my first biotech investment ever, that aside I have never been so bullish on a company in my life. End the end the data will tell the story but I am willing to bet on Joseph Kim and David Weiner...they have learned to much in their days to not get this correct IMO. It is very very rare to get this many great minds in one company, and as history has shown, when that happens, lives are changed.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Excellent analysis!

    • visceraljunket Aug 16, 2013 6:00 PM Flag

      Det, your post was the best medicine for my soul after the beating we have taken of late. I feel like I can take all the bashers and other #$%$ that invades this MB. Thank you so much more than I can say.

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