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  • garysnoop1 garysnoop1 Sep 15, 2013 7:41 PM Flag

    Lets focus all this Testosterone forv the good of all..

    Lets all put the guns away..

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    • visceraljunket Sep 15, 2013 10:59 PM Flag

      Seems like we circled the wagons and started shooting each other. I am long . I don't have a leader , I don't want followers. I have read a ton of posts by everybody who has posted on this stream . I really like all of you. . I don't agree with everything you post but when I see your IDs, I read what you post. I really trust all of you to be truthful . I admit I have been over zealous when it comes to confronting the bashers. I have been pointing them out and in doing so , I have been accused of creating drama. My whole intent has been to try to present facts and thoughtful opinions to new investors while pushing the BS to the bottom. I was new here just over a month ago and had I not found you guys and a few others who aren't here right now, I would not have found the strength to get on my own 2 feet. I found guidance to new DD and also I have learned so much about how manipulation plays with INO. I hate to see you shoot darts at each other.

    • daddyneedsnewpairofshoes daddyneedsnewpairofshoes Sep 15, 2013 9:31 PM Flag

      Just don't question whether giving up massive amounts of your profits is better than issuing more shares or you will be stoned. Ths whole ordeal can be blamed on you know who. regardless, let Bygones be bygones...

    • OK guys. I am sitting at work today writing grants and I actually come probably every hour or so (depending on how the writing is going) to this board for entertainment. It really stinks to just sit there focused on how neuroendocrine stress pathways modulate global transcriptional networks in macrophages and how that relates to human inflammatory disease. So thanks for the entertainment. But come on. Its a message board. People will post. People will have opinions. Some of the people's posts are for entertainment purposes and those are pretty easy to spot by ALL CAPS and the number of $$$$ and curse words.
      I give my opinions, as well as facts about the science after doing my own research on companies. I never recommend investing in a company because of what anybody posts on a message board, because I always verify what others say just to make sure (that's the scientist in me). It may be a good place to get some early research and see whether its worth spending more time to confirm a company is a good investment.

      I agree with Gary, whether people have an agenda or not, lets let bygones be bygones. If you don't like what someone says, put them on ignore. I only have two people on ignore and they are on the NBS board because for some reason they get under my skin, but I like to hear what most people like to say.

    • Gary, this is rule # 8 from the Basher's Handbook: '8. Identify your foes (hypsters) and the boards "guru" Use them to your advantage. Lead them do not follow their lead.' I am looking for another part about how to take control of a MB, because knocking out leaders is a part of it

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