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  • rehdvm2004 rehdvm2004 Oct 9, 2013 9:27 AM Flag

    INO is affected by the FDA . . .

    shut down of non-essential functions. Reviews that have been paid for under the FDA user fee format will be performed. Reviews not paid for will not be performed. CBER is affected like other FDA groups. So the affect on SP is real and will be so until the Congress gets by this impasse.

    INO technology still represents the next generation in vaccine development.

    Write your Congress people and tell them to get back to negotiations.


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    • You are an outcast Rehd, as I am. For having the backbone to be real and post ALL the info you have ,good or bad, And to share your opinion whether certain people agree with it or not. I know you also are frustrated by what this board has become. I have been here for 5.5 years. You are only allowed to post if you are positive or negative. Period. pumper/lover or basher/short. Gone is the time when it was just a place for people to exchange info.Where is Myfrstyhoo or Sloppyface? This is now merely a message board. Filled with dreamers on both sides. A small handful of posters still bother to try and be real. Some have really good research but do not have the ability to even discuss anything that isn't blatantly positive. That is what most interests a real investor because, as you well know, that is how you weigh your risk. I have a large position in Inovio but it is only one of many that I have worked to accumulate over a long period of time and I would like to thank you for your posts. I always read the ones from you even after long periods of not seeing this board by using the search feature so I hope you continue to post and don't let the Drunk discourage you. For all the garbage on here there are some real investors that are interested in your educated and experienced opinion.

    • This post was informational for Longs. All but 7 of the responses are from one name-calling Spumper who cannot stand being ignored. Life is tough at the poles!


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    • Assisting bashers is always accompanied by the recommendation "Strong Buy." Too bad some of the Spumpers (spamming pumpers) who are also name callers cannot keep their facts straight, or go back and reference previous posts. I have always talked about science, medicine, vaccinations, antigens, neutralizing antibodies, regulations, conduct of clinical trials and a little bit about why Longs should hold on for three years (that began in March). I am holding my shares which I am up 400% plus. Why not Longs who are "non-name calling Spumpers? That is why I started a separate discussion group on Yahoo. To avoid the fringe elements.


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    • the post says a lot without saying nice post

    • Keep helping the bashers

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