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  • buzzer551137e buzzer551137e Nov 29, 2013 8:05 PM Flag

    Why the pop last Monday?

    I'm currently holding INO and don't really follow the company and am not informed other than what I've read here on this board and some SA, Motley Fool articles etc. I'm wondering what caused the spike in price last Monday. Does anyone know what the catalyst was for that? I have read all of the views of those that feel there is nothing to this company, yet it manages to stay in the ballgame and interest investors, so not sure where the truth lies with all of the back and forth. No doubt, it would be nice to see something in INO's arsenal emerge as a major catalyst going forward.

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    • You're joking right??? One Day SA says we stink, the next we're going to be great...If you Don't Won't find it

    • Sorry to say buzzer but you are no serious investor! If as you write that you know little about this company apart from what you read about concerning others opinions on a MB and news articles from other dubious sources, you obviously have more money than sense. The only part of you're investment which is a positive is the fact that you found this company while it's still growing and thus being able to buy in at a very low SP. Now you are asking for a reason "Why the pop last Monday?"!!! Information about this company is easy to find by simply visiting Inovio's website which should of been the next place to look after you found this company on a MB and read a few posts. Although I think luck plays the biggest part in an investment because you were lucky as I was to find this company in the first place. Now all you need to do is proper research through you spending you're own time digging and probing, but start from the Inovio website. NEVER trust an individual on any message board for FACTS as I can also see from you're post that you are the gullible type as you gave credence to posts from people (basher's and shorts) on this MB who's lies wouldn't fool a 10 year old child with dyslexia! Should it be difficult for you to see the difference between lies and the truth, find an adult to help you!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Although I said I don't "follow" INO, I have held shares in the past and have read enough on this company to know that yes, it has potential to go far, but as is the case with most bio companies, it's a leap of faith. It probably is true that I may not be a "serious" investor, per se but was making a simple inquiry about the specific price action on Monday. I don't have much money...won't comment on how much sense I may have or not...but judging from your alias, you would be one to perhaps error on the side of overzealous which explains your anger driven reply. Thanks for the reply nonetheless and thanks to iknowvo for addressing the specific inquiry about Monday. I had read that Morton Collins had bought a substantial number of shares back on November 13th, but didn't know about the Mers news(?) As far as what happens from here, suffice it to say we're in the same boat for the time being.

    • Firstly you should read the data from Inovio's site and then read the news to be informed about the facts.
      If you prefer to depend your investing decisions to what others "feel" about Inovio, then it's better for you to sell, IMHO.

    • Insider Mr Collins bought a ton of shares for the grand kids... Mers news preclinical info also added fuel to the fire. 2013 looking good as Dr. Kim said it would... 2014 around the corner will be even better.

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