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  • isthislega1 isthislega1 Apr 1, 2014 7:46 AM Flag

    FDA Will Not Allow This Science To Progress

    Bottom line. Too much big Pharma's would be affected by this technology. Look what happened to GERN.


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    • How is that short position at $ 1.90 working out?? LOL!

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    • So you are accusing the FDA of being entirely corrupt? These outrageous and libelous statements are getting pretty bullish for us longs. In other words what you are saying is that if the FDA is not entirely corrupt - INO is a complete game changer.

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    • Tell that to their collaborative partner Roche for DNA ANTIGEN IMMUNOTHERAPIES FOR PROSTATE cancer and TYPE 2 Diabetes

    • Your an idiot!!!. If the trial fails, maybe the technology is not validated, however if the trial is very successful the FDA would not side with Big Pharma and not approve the technology so people can die. Short all the stock you can and see what happens in the end.

    • I realize you have an agenda for your shorting masters, but I'm neutral on this subject....meaning, yes, that is ALWAYS a possibility since we all know how corrupt the FDA is.....HOWEVER.....there are some FLAWS in your thinking on this......INO has a BIG pharma now on its side, and may get others as we move forward here.....if they manage to get a few others on their side with partnerships, then the FDA rejection due to corruption becomes less and less of an addition, lets say the FDA is FOOLISH enough to give into the political pressure of the Big Pharmas on this and do all their delay and stall tactics to make it harder for INO to obtain its objective.....well, there are OTHER PARTS of the world that don't act so stupidly and actually do think about what is in the best interest of mankind.....and their are other Pharmas out there that will be interested in getting a slice of the pie here whether US Big Pharmas want to or not....EUROPE and ASIA and FULL of companies that would gladly consider teaming up with INO and regulatory agencies would be more than willing to give INO a fair, yes, the FDA may think they can control things,....they won't be able to control this and the embarrassment that it would cause them if this is proven as effective as the early trials are showing it to be....... : D

    • "IMHO." When have you have been humble or honest "Mr. Mark it watch and learn kiddies?"

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    • This from the genius who called under $3 on 3/27. At least your good for a laugh.

    • All I need to know is "what brand do you drink?" I want to avoid it for the rest of my life!

      Inovio's technology bypasses the need for vaccine adjuvants and preservatives. But since the science is something that stock brokers avoid like the plague . . . it figures that some idiot would still hold this view. For your information and education, the FDA (as well as EMEA and other regulatory agencies) are approving new drugs, biologicals, medical devices, diagnostics and methods each year. That is because thinking is a progressive process and is forever going forward in time. But not you. Let me know when sea level reaches your lower lip and with your last breath you can tell everyone how climate change is a farce.

      Inovio did not hire all those specialists and complete those promotions to "waste" money on non-productive science. The hired those people because the regulatory pathway to submission and approval is a "contact sport" where experience prevails. It is time consuming, redundant, has a long format, requires separate filings like an Environmental Impact Statement, has to provide complete MSDS forms for cGMP manufacturing, has to provide all patient records with a physicians summary cover letter, etc. ad museum. They also would not hire all those people if they were going to sell to a big biopharma who already had those people on staff. Inovio is preparing for a long, productive and prosperous future.

      But . . . as far as this post is concerned . . . "We never knew how many idiots were out there until the Internet!" Conservative guest on Bill Maher.


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    • NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!!!

    • So let me get this right... Now INO is SOOOOO GREAT that they pose such a risk to BP that we should just sell our shares because they will never be able to get approval?? OH Muxy (our resident idiot basher who is admittedly short since the 1.00 range. You try SOOOOO hard at every angle to drive this lower with NO SUCCESS... Maybe you should find another profession....

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