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  • milvanti milvanti Jul 11, 2014 1:57 PM Flag

    Looking Long...

    Term, that is. Why do we keeping shortening our time horizons? INO is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, but an Investment. Why don't I see any forecasts about where INO will be in 5 years? That seems to be a more fruitful use of our collective time. Remember Rome - not built in a day. I will continue long whatever these results are... think transformative... Apple, Google, etc.

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    • All true, but it's still okay to be as excited as a kid on Christmas morning around big news and a possible big move up in pps. It doesn't mean we're not long. Some of us are still underwater at this point.

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    • Get rich quick... many INO longs are doing quite well, sure the RS scared many out including me, which turned out ok for me in fact, it turned out great, took some profit, at that time I was all in and this gave me the op to be diversified a little and in the end all said and done I still ended up with more INO shares than when I started. Does that re-define me as not a true INO long in the eyes of many? I don't know... If you remember Dr. J said he took the opportunity to dilute and do a RS. The way it worked out is great for me in the mean time and I am holding on to all my shares plus some... I think many more took profit that day and may not be rich yet but that may be days/years away, depends on Inovio data results / news/ partnerships/ new trials etc. good luck to all..

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      • Good morning iknow. Glad to hear you made money and ended up doing well and are now holding more shares. IMO, if someone believes in Dr. Kim, the leadership, the organization and the technology and has spent their hard earned money buying shares (100 shares or 100,000 or a million shares, whatever they can afford), that makes them an "Inovian" and that's all that matters.

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    • Everyone is looking for confirmation that Ino has a concept that is a paradigm shift in medicine. If so, the rush to join them will be huge, IMO.

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    • Because the CEO said 2014 would dwarf a great 2013. He has invited this expectation and folks are looking for some big moves. Hillary Cramer even advanced this thinking in March with a teaser article. Expectations for a major move are in a lot of minds and some of this trading action has been due to the pumps by big names.

    • Yes, for me this is an investment, not a day trade. Could be transformative, that is why I am here.

    • stillheretostayiloveinovio stillheretostayiloveinovio Jul 11, 2014 2:02 PM Flag

      because there are more traders and short and distorters than longs on this message board milvanti. My 5 year prediction is $400 PPS or higher. Thanks.

      Know what you own and trust no one.

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