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  • rwpauli rwpauli Jul 14, 2014 8:57 AM Flag

    Tweet Impact Today?

    If FN Tweet has substance, we should start seeing the impact on INO price today. The market won't ignore it. Market up today, so great confluence. After the dust on P2 settles, either AF or FN will be vindicated. You know, I'm rooting for FN, about $100K worth.

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    • Adam F is a paid basher usually he can pull a price down for 24 to 48 hours and then it return to where it was headed in the first place. Why some people hang on his every word is beyond me. He has a personal agenda. That agenda is to scare people with his article titles to read his lies and innuendoes Everyone must keep in mind he gets paid on his hits. He is all over the message boards doing the same thing. He is what I consider "A POOR EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEING" I for one have reported him to the SEC for his violations but they do nothing. Of course that is what they do at the SEC "NOTHING"

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      • He is doing his job, what's the problem? He shows both sides of the trade and uses whatever he can get away with to do it. The way of the market. I'm disgusted reading it, but, I have to deal with it. we won't get any help from the SEC, so chalk it up to market biggies beating us retail investors out of our shares when possible. The science is game changing and the tech is refined to the point of separating us from the pack. Dr. Kim, unfortunately in my opinion, made a huge mistake with the RS and took all the wind out of our sails in March and we will still suffer at the big guys will, until they are sated. Hope I'm wrong and that the Wharton Wizard proves to be right. What do I know, little college and nothing but former experience with RS's.

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