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  • sdciupak Oct 19, 2006 2:52 PM Flag

    New Super Wal-Mart Concept.

    Nothing to worry about here folks. I believe the saying is, you can't polish a turd.

    They recently opened two of these monsters in my locale. The layout is slightly different,store has wood flooring in the softlines areas, cleaner & more organized looking.

    However, same mouthbreather clientele, same pathetic workforce. They dress the employees in blue & khaki now.

    Totally unimpressed. I was thinking this could have an adverse effect on the consumers, but I think the SuperTarget is still far & away the better shopping experience.

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    • These boards Totally amazes me !!?
      same mouthbreather clientele = you had to visit to get that impression so will that make you the same mouthbreather clientele?? My wife,mom,sisters all shops both WMT & TGT and are you calling them something = you must have looked in the mirror.
      Wow very observant blue and khaki, both WMT and target have the same pathetic workforce
      Step out into america Dude - it not about WMT versus Target it's about can i get what i want when i want it for a good price.. Consider the alternatives and there are places that are way better retailers than WMT oR TGT

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