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  • titularskay titularskay Jun 18, 2007 3:43 PM Flag

    Option Action

    Someone's bettin' heavy on a pps below $57.50 in July and/or October. By the way, I was in a Target today for the first time in many months. Very similar to the Walmart we have close by but older. Similar workers and patrons. I couldn't get adequate help for the two items I went there for and so I left with nothing. I had to carry one child in one arm and hold the others hand because the carts were wet, dirty, or had buckles missing. I guess Target saves money by keeping carts for a long, long time. I did spend a couple hundred bucks at Costco though. I've got to learn how to leave that place without a hotdog and a pop.

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    • First off, your store review invalidates your post on options. Second, if you know options, selling options is more lucrative and successful, if you know what your doing.

      Frankly, I would live to see TGT lower this summer and spend the money buying back shares. However, I would rather see TGT issue the 4 bil back to the stockholders too.


    • Great one store market study! Of course, TGT has 1,500 some stores and thrives and steals market share from Wal-mart month after month, but go ahead and make investment decisions based on a momentary snapshot at one store. that is always very intelligent!

      Looking for "help" at a mass merchant? What century are you living in? Get a clue.

      This is a stock discussion board, not a forum for morons who can't leave their home without a screwing something up.

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      • Thanks whatsacountyfagly for your help. I could've used it about two hours ago. "Get a clue".... you are sad. Asking someone a few simple questions should not be too much to ask. By the way, if I had a positive experience I would've posted that.
        I apologize to the other guy about the subject line. I wasn't going to add the other info but I did since it was fresh on my mind.
        I guess I was correct that Walmart and Target are similar stores since you're comparing them and you won't compare Target to other retailers. Oops, I'm sorry this is a stock discussion board.

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