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  • samsonp65 samsonp65 Nov 17, 2009 3:28 PM Flag

    Security Guard napping in the men's room....

    Sitting in a stall, passed out trying to recover from his graveyard job. What a crock. Someone wake these guys up please.....

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    • what were you really doing in the mens room with that man in uniform???

    • if you got s**cked off by one of those haitian girls wearing sexy jeans 3 sizes too small that all work as cashiers there...youd be passed out too. I admit I was in the walmart on commercial in south florida, and every black woman shopiing there was as hot as biance! Damn its hard being middle aged and seeing all that sexy stuff walking around. Target is becoming a place for shopping for the middle class now.

    • Hey Bozo....are you getting upset out there in AZ? Enjoy yourself, you were run out of Minnesota on a rail, but wound up in a beautiful retirement community drooling into a satin pillow. Life is good Puck....smell it, you old fart.

    • I sure as hell don't worry about the Target Men's Room or Shoe department.

      If I am not "worth the effort", why do you incessantly quote me, dig old posts, etc.?

      Nice try, Goob.

    • You're really not worth much of an effort Puck. You used to be as sharp-as-a-tack, but lately the same tired adjectives keep popping up. Maybe that desert heat over there in Snotsdale has fried your brain a bit, but no matter, we all get OLD. You live in Scottsdale, your best years are clearly in the rear-view mirror. What do you worry about now? Whether there's a pidgeon smudge on your new SUV...schmuck.

    • God it is easy to push your buttons, Samson.

      Get a life. Something a little more evolved to saving my old posts and regurgitating them.

      How sad.

    • "The Great Unwashed"? Look it up. Who talks like that? I would guess people who actually read a book or two on occasion. I guess this would be an example of "Pearls Before Swine" (Sermon on the Mount, I think).

      I'm not going to dumb it down, Chet. These mono browed, knuckle dragging, drooling, hourly pissant night crew grunts say TGT is going BK based on their perceived mistreatment in one store actually have insight to the finances of TGT?? Please!

      Speaking of "dumb", I am embarrassed to admit that I believe this reference came from Mike Myers' "Wayne's World". Oops! I guess you caught me on that one.

    • You are too damn easy! Lashing out with shaking hands as you pound the keyboard. I am truly sorry your store ops "career" hasn't panned out. Don't take it out on me, Hump! CLASSIC!

      Quoting ancient posts again. Nice fixation. "I remember a phrase." What a loser.

      I look forward to reading your report from the stalls of the Men's Room today as you swab the floor. Then rush home to post inanities about Security and your beloved Shoe Department. You really have your finger on the pulse. Clueless!

    • North Scottsdale? Needed to share that did you? Not South Scottsdale or Heaven Forbid TEMPE! I guess that means I should ask you to pass the Grey Poupon, you pompous arse. When you travel back to Minnesota, I want you to apologize to every associate at every Target store you pass, for the decades of torture they endured as the result of your stupidities. I remember a phrase you used to enjoy using...Pearls Before Swine...Glad your Shrink wrang that one out of your head. Pretty damn disturbing. Retirement really suits you...Target passed-over Storch and put your ass out to pasture. What's it like to be a Cow? Give us a great big MOOOOO.

    • Just be honest.

      You obviously have some sort of grudge against security and the electronics department and some sort of man crush fetish on Shoes. What gives? What's your agenda?

      What with your name calling and frustration with the lot of a dead end store ops loser who is the angry one?

      I'm doing fine down here in North Scottsdale.

      What gives? Do you print all my posts and put them on the wall so you can quote me from 7 years?

      A little creepy, Samson. Of course you're the one posting the latest news from the stalls in the Men's Room?

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