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  • tankcircuitnoise tankcircuitnoise Sep 4, 2010 6:32 PM Flag

    Why are 10,000,000 American production jobs in China? Can TGT

    compete, while buying lotta US_MADE items?

    I'd prefer that.

    Consider the $300B of imports from China in 2007.
    That much money would support 10,000,000 American factory jobs that paid $30,000/year.

    And the states would benefit, because 10,000,000 fewer Americans would be on foodstamps and on unemployment insurance.


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    • You just don't get it!!!! It is your fault. Haven't you figured it out yet. Tomorrow, I want you to get gas for the car, go to your favorite big box store and then go to your fast food store and give the cashiers 4 times the amount on your receipt and say this is to support what it cost to pay the american worker and union worker what I think they should be paid. You want your cake and frosting too. The union worker and common worker is not ready and will not give 3/4 of thier income away so business can afford to give the greedy american worker what they want. To give you want YOU want to pay for your goods, they have to go to the places where they will pay to produce the product at the price YOU force business to charge you. You are stupid and greedy. WAKE UP, cinderella the party is coming to the end,, ENJOY the time you have left. Next year you won't have any money to buy anything. Thanks to our socialist president. Congratulations loser!! Where wil business go next to give you cheap goods? Indonesia, India, South america, Africa. It is your choice stupid. WILL YOU PAY 4 times of what you are paying. HELL NO you say, Do you think I am stupid..You said it. I didn't. The good times are over man and it is our fault.. In 20 years it will not make any difference any way. The earth as we know it will be destroyed. Look what has happened in the last 100 years.

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