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  • lakovish lakovish Mar 27, 2013 4:05 AM Flag

    20 check out lanes

    at a target super store, that i will never go into again, and i have never seen more than two of these lanes open, what were these idiots thinking , that half of the country was going to show up to shop there, DO NOT LET THEM SCAN YOUR DRIVER
    Posted on March 19, 2013 at 4:18pm
    First Target at least used to be owned by the French. I lost it with Target when they kicked the Marines and the Young Marines off the property when they were collecting fro toys for tots at Christmas.

    I avoid them as much as I can. Oh and there is no way I would let them Swipe my ID. Thank you very much!!

    Posted on March 19, 2013 at 4:08pm
    “…“Scanning IDs is intended to create a more convenient experience for our guests by making the verification process faster and more accurate, while protecting our guests’ privacy and identity…”

    Anyone who believes that isn’t capable of walking.

    One of the grocery chains here requested my DL at checkout- ‘new company policy’ was the reason given. I no longer shop there. This government already knows more about me than I care for and am not going to make their lives easier by willingly bending over so they can stick it to me easier.

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