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  • barsolid77 barsolid77 Nov 27, 2011 12:34 AM Flag

    Gap between Buyout price?

    Seems like a pretty big gap between 3.85 and 4.21 buyout price. Is this because the market believes that the buyout will not occur. Knowing what I know about this stock that doesn't seem very likely. I think that the CEO is very serious about taking AMCF private. Any thoughts from others appreciated here. TIA

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    • There is not actually an offer just intention. Due diligence is pending. There are still issues and approvals to hammer out.

    • This is part of the distorted public opinion about all chinese stocks, caused mainly by numerous hit pieces and constant bashing by almost a year.

      A good example is HRBN. Even a few days before the deadline and the offer at $24, the stock traded with a discount. Shorters claimed the deal will not be completed despite the official announcements. After it delisted, the shorters even then were crying out that the shareholders will never receive the $24 cash per share, despite that they couldn't profit anymore by shorting. In two days all former shareholders received their money and then shorters at last, stopped.

      The gap is even much higher in cases when is deal is not done yet, like FSIN, where the discount is around 30%.
      As for those companies which referred to a potential buy out to go private like GURE in its cc and hired an appraisal firm, the stock didn't move a cent.

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